Bitter Sweet

Happy Valentines Day, On the Sweet Side was a lovely day here at the farm, it got above 0 so we had melting and the sun was shining. We had a beautiful table set for the day and I think I will leave it up most likely till the weekend or some version of it at least.

We had a pretty meal, stuffed chicken breasts with baked potato’s, peas, salad.. Mom’s dessert was a great fruit tray with chocolate sauce and I made a lemon heart shaped cake with lemon buttercream icing with dried lavender buds to give it a pop of color.

Mom got a pretty new scarf, roses, chocolates, Hubby got a stuffy(I love you frog) a new board game and the cutest plant yellow lab boot for the garden. I got a scarf, Chocolates and a cute little bear stuffy..

Mom had company over to join us for dinner and it was a nice visit.. all in all as good as could be.. After dinner we got a visit from Farm Helper #3 and as always she is a delight.

That was the sweet.. the bitter.. my oldest hound had a very poor day.. A very poor day indeed..  One of those days that after talking to hubby, the vet and so forth, it was agreed that as soon as we are ready, that its time.

Very Bitter indeed..  Its a sad day today at our farm..  you will be greatly missed..  This has always been my favorite photo of my Z-Boy..  in his prime, he got to come camping with us to friends cottage and we went swimming, boating an such. Old age had slowed him down in many ways but he was always the happiest sweetest cuddle buddy EVER!


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4 Responses to Bitter Sweet

  1. So sorry about your dog. It is so hard to let them go after all those years of loyalty.

    • O yes.. he was one of those happy, love to please you dogs.. he flew though his puppy training class and got his basic with ease, I never went further and I swear he was one of those that felt effortless for the next 13 year, once he learned it, he knew it.. he was to soft for sheep, but to much of a “macho” boy for therapy work, not with the people, total suck, but with other male dogs, he thought he was “the guy” I took him for cart training once and he loved it.. he was so proud when he was in harness and helping pack or pull anything on the farm, or in the bush trails.. he loves his creeks, rivers and lakes so much.. he was sure we built the little pond on the farm just for him..

  2. Widdershins says:

    The loss of a companion, whatever species, is heart-wrenching … may he go painlessly and surrounded by those he loves and who love him.

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