Sunshine.. then rain and more rain they say!

First they said that it we were going to get a two day ice storm, then the temps went up and they say they will keep going up and now while this morning and part of the afternoon are warm (so warm for Feb at a plus 6 with bright sunshine) they say the rain is coming!

However Right now! Sunshine is calling us to the deck, ok so we are still wearing our jackets LOL The Hounds enjoyed the time on the deck with us. I did a bit of training with the girls.. The Bot is as smart as a whip.. and game for anything coming her way..

Miss Marie was willing to work for her cookies but then settled down for a nap at my feet, she is my more mature girl now.. funny to think of her that way.. when she was the baby of the house for so many years.

My momma’s little girl is slowly becoming one of the pack.. its taking some time but they are all getting along very well over the past months, it will be easier once spring arrives. The two bigger girls play quite different then the wee peanut does.. Who quite turned her nose up at my sweet potato baked treats that my girls adore.

Well, I will spend the better part of the afternoon prepping in case the rain they say is coming does arrive, as they are warning of flooding.. there is not a lot of extra’s to do in case of overland flooding, the ground is frozen so if it melts the snow pack and as much rain as they say comes, we will have a above ground flood of water, because really where is it going to go.. it can’t soak in and it takes time for it to drain away.

We will See..  its family day in Ontario.. which means not much is open today, poor hubby works across the river on the Quebec side so he still had to go into work but many of his co-workers took the day off and so its very quiet. The roads were super quiet as well and they are not running the regular working bus’s so he had to drive a bit further then normal to get to where the bus’s did run from.

I am loving listening to my roosters crowing today and my hens all singing in this fine mock spring weather 🙂

Have a great day.. what is the weather doing in your neck of the woods?

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8 Responses to Sunshine.. then rain and more rain they say!

  1. valbjerke says:

    Sunny and -30 this morning

  2. Been hearing the Robins coming closer for days now, Yickety-yacking their chirrup, chirp, chirp. Chickadees have been calling Hey Sweetie for even longer; ) and then there’s the People who insist on talking about how GOOD it is that Spring is here… (They DO know that MidWinter was February 2nd, right?!) :/ STUPID WEATHER

  3. Widdershins says:

    Gorgeous sunny day today and another one predicted for tomorrow, much colder at night than we ‘usually’ get though … and in a couple of days we’ll be back to our usual South Coast weather – rain. 😀

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