Thanksgiving, High Bush Cranberry Jelly


Only had a few heavy frosts, so very tart indeed but still so good when done, plus its our local way to make cranberry jelly.


into the pot, need to be cleaned, washed, water covered and then slowly simmered till they burst open, then strained and allowed to drip there rich goodness into the draining bowl.


Following the certo box, measure your juice, sugar and at the right time pecton, jar up into cute 8 ounce jars and voila, home grown cranberry jelly for 2015.

but you need to try it.. and foam is the best treat.. o yes..


A even better treat, sharing fresh jelly with your momma, who has not eaten this kind for many, many years


Happy Thanksgiving!

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6 Responses to Thanksgiving, High Bush Cranberry Jelly

  1. Susan says:

    Mmmm…jelly foam….and cranberry jelly foam, too. You two are very lucky!!

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