Moaning breeds Content

this post is worth the read.. read it slow.. its a thinker.. and today, like all days, I will grab it with teeth, worry it a bit, give it the eye and figure out how to get that stone into my pocket 🙂


When we don’t see the sun for weeks and it is cold and wet and the winter looks like lasting forEVER and we have moaned  our arses off about it in every available social media, we might realise we are actually craving Vitamin C as well as Vitamin D but we can actually do something about the Vitamin C. And the first thing we think of when we think of Vitamin C is bright yellow lemons.
lemon zest

When we were children at the beach we had lemon trees and if we ever visited my grandmother who lived in Christchurch way down in the South Island of New Zealand we took lemons. They could not grow lemons down there so when we visited and we visited often, Mum always packed a few lemons into the folds of our clothes for Grandma. Lemons were gold.


So when a friend sent me lemons saved from her mothers tree…

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