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Golden Needles Harvesting

or in common terms, picking and drying lots and lots! of unopenned Day Lily flowers. Ah, the common, humble daylily that most of us call, tigerlily’s or Ditch Lily’s are so wonderful to have in the kitchen, the little root … Continue reading

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Free Food! – Bumper Crop of Black ChokeCherries..

DH had a surprise for me last night when he arrived home, as he often will do on his way home from the feed store he took a new route home and when he came though the door, he was … Continue reading

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First of the garden count is in.. Currents, and Blueberries..

Well, the first of the fruit count is in this year and it surely does reflect a different spring and what late frosts can do.. Red Currents- a mear 8 cups worth- $6 dollars worth locally.. No on farm black … Continue reading

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Garden Monday

Well, I didn’t get much done in the garden on the weekend, but hubby worked on it for a bit on the saturday when he was puttering around.. he got a new row of strawberries done, plus cleared the area … Continue reading

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Garden Monday- Apples/Ontario, Sea of Blue and Plants Swap..

Well, we all worried that this would happen, and here is the lastest news.. Sigh.. “A catastrophic freeze has wiped out about 80 per cent of Ontario’s apple crop  and has the province’s fruit industry looking at losses already estimated … Continue reading

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Food Forests or Producing Hedgerows-Farmgal Style.

so while I will share the offical seven layers of the basic idea of a “Food Forest“. I am also going to take this back to Farmgal first hand experance because it turns out that what I have been making … Continue reading

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Come on a spring hike with us!

We took a lovely little 3.6 km hike in the woods and around a bit of a little lake yesterday, it was the yellow loop, come join us on the hike in a series of photos I took! It always … Continue reading

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Fire Grilled Quail Recipe with instuctions on how to spatchcock it first..

I think I will start with the finished dish and the recipe first then show how to do the spatchcock afterwards.. I know that this picture does not do this justice but I promise you this got a five out … Continue reading

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Garden “monday” and Monthly “How does your Garden Grow”

Ok, I need an extra 6 hours in each of my days at the moment LOL, Spring came early and I have hit the ground running but I feel like we are going!, going! but never quite getting there if … Continue reading

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March Challange Report-1st

Just as March came in a like a Lion with a snow storm and new lambing in the barn, due to the pressure change, they just love to have little ones in the worst weather possable, thankfully it was a … Continue reading

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