Garden Monday

Well, I didn’t get much done in the garden on the weekend, but hubby worked on it for a bit on the saturday when he was puttering around..

he got a new row of strawberries done, plus cleared the area for all the wonderful plants that Deb shared with us, we got a whole little area planted with just them, still  need to get some ground cover down on them but they are all coming along well, and I look forward to watching them spread and fill that whole area over the next few years till its ready for little bits to be taken out and split for other areas of the garden..

The apple tree, the crabapples, the blackchokeberry are all in bloom now, still waiting on the late cherries and the peach to bloom yet..

Need to have my first pulling and crop of rhubarb over the next few days..

Wild violets are in bloom and will be working with them this week as well..

The apple mint is growing like crazy and I need to step up the harvest on it.. Stay tuned for a awesome recipe using it soon!

The potato’s are coming up, and these were overwintered from our own cellar and then planted in the spring!

While I know that most foks see these and break out the weed and feed! but I see this lovely covering of a amazing plant that I can eat its leaves, its roots and I have been waiting for them to get this bountiful as I have wine on the mind! HMMMM, homemade Dany wine or mead..

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4 Responses to Garden Monday

  1. grammomsblog says:

    Looking good!!!!!!

  2. I was just telling my Mom that dandelions should be a garden plant because they’re quite edible and useful. I really, really want to get some roots this fall.

    I do worry about a family I know who forages for them in their inner-city neighbourhood. I would think that the environment in which the plant grows, just like any vegetable, would affect its healthiness.

  3. Apple mint?! That sounds wonderful! I’m assuming it got its name from its taste?

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