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Lets hit the books : Planned Coming Book Reviews!

I have a lovely selection of different food related cookbooks that will be reviewed over the winter months 🙂 Recipes will be selected and tried and shared here on the blog. These books were gotten at the local second-hand shop … Continue reading

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Sheep Feeder Follow up

Hi Gang, a lovely reader commented and is interested in doing their own version of the hay feeder, I want to give a shout out to the book that inspired our’s (we did modify it as it, as we were … Continue reading

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Homestead Books – Jan Reading.

Someone sent me a comment on facebook it made me chuckle, I had made a comment on a friends post that was doing the read a hundred books challenge for the year of 2015, I am a somewhat but honest … Continue reading

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Lonesome Charlie Johnstone’s Strange Boon by Jason Sharp is in..

The Masked Mosiac-Canadian Super Stories, currently Number 1 Best Seller on in Fantasy Anthologies. I am thrilled to say that DH (J) has his first published story in this wonderful collection listed above, but not his last published … Continue reading

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Meat Cookbooks! A little Cookbook Love..

I love cookbooks, I am taking advantage of deals on the kindle but if I really like a cookbook, I want it in hard copy baby! Now I have over the past while added in new meat cookbooks and I … Continue reading

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My love of books is a family thing..

In the bedroom I am staying in at mom’s there is a whole wall in bookcases, a good reading chair in the corner with a spot of tea pot, and the bookshelves are full to bursting.. This was the pile … Continue reading

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Decoding Gardening Advice by Jeff Gillman and Meleah Maynard

Advice – it comes from friends, family, and from the stranger at the coffee shop, or at the garden shop where you are looking at plants, and among that free advice are some gems and some duds, the fun part is … Continue reading

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The Dehydrator Bible -The Personal Touch! Seminar with Don Mercer

The Dehyrdator Bible by Jennifer Machenzie, Jay Nutt and Don Mercer I have already done a book review, on this solidly useful book, I still find myself reaching for it at least once or twice a week to check my temps … Continue reading

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The Fresh Egg Cookbook by Jennifer Thompson

I love my chickens for many reasons, getting a few layers was one of the very first things we did when we moved to the farm. Is there anything better then fresh eggs?  The chickens do so much more than … Continue reading

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Baby Makin books..

  When I was little, I always assumed that I would have a family, my ideal dream was that I was going to marry a farmer, and have four little ones, a older girl, then two boys and then a … Continue reading

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