Baseball Bats for Christmas -Book Review

I bought BaseBall Bats for Christmas when I lived in Iqaluit, Nunavut Canada many years ago and with Christmas coming and thoughts of putting up the Christmas tree came this story to my mind.

I remember how excited the kids would get at sealift time because it meant wood, the wood on pallets in Iqaluit is very valuable and has many uses. I heard of this story and book at my first Christmas party in town and went in search for it 🙂

I decided that I wanted to share it with all my readers. Its a delightful child’s book at a glimpse into a different time and world. It won a number of awards over the years. They say its good for ages 4 to 8 but in truth its a wonderful Christmas story that can be read at that time of the year without getting old. The pages are colorful and the drawings are stunning.

The truth is I think is one of the nicest “Canadian” Christmas stories that I own to be read at this time of the year.  I gave this book to my nieces many years ago

Life in the high Arctic is beautifully captured in this classic picture book by award-winning Inuit author Michael Kusugak. The year is 1955 and Arvaarluk and his friends watch as Rocky Parsons lands his plane on the ice in Repulse Bay, a tiny community “smack dab on the Arctic Circle.”

Having never seen trees before, the children try to guess what the six green spindly things are that Rocky delivers. One of the boys has a brilliant idea: why not use them as baseball bats?

Full of vibrant, richly-colored illustrations, this story gives young readers ages 5 to 8 a glimpse into a time, place, and culture that may be new to them. The Arctic way of life is realistically portrayed by the author, whose narrative voice resonates with the lilt of his native language.

So if you are looking for a interesting children’s book to gift or a great story book to join your Christmas evening reading for the whole family.. May I recommend this book to you!

It gets a solid 5 out of 5

It also comes in both official Canadian languages. English and French

I would like to point out that I bought this book with my own money, I do not get anything for the links proved.. this is my own freely given review 🙂

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  1. Silveryew says:

    What a lovely and unusual Christmas book ^_^

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