Meat Cookbooks! A little Cookbook Love..

I love cookbooks, I am taking advantage of deals on the kindle but if I really like a cookbook, I want it in hard copy baby!

Now I have over the past while added in new meat cookbooks and I have read all of the ones I am talking about today at least twice from start to finish, and I have made at min at least a dozen recipes out of each one, (I won’t say that I followed the recipes to the letter on any of them because I cook based on what I have and the season but despite that, I have only included books that have proven themselves to me terms of producting outstanding meals) and I know that these books will be the starting bases for many recipes and meals that will come on the blog in the future. click on the pictures to be taken to amazon to see more info and prices.

Everyone kept telling me that I had to have this book and I did order it and I have read it, and I do like it, if you are new to cooking, new to the health movement, new to local food and want to understand the basic’s then this is a excellent book that will most likely answer all your questions and give you some very british cooking recipes on what to do with your meats.


Having said that, if you are looking for a book that is just as good as this book on meat but will cover pretty close to all the same subjects and yet so much more I have got to say that I honeslty reach for Forgotten Skill of Cooking! This book rocks! I love it, I have used it often and I have already wretched the front cover and now its down to the hard covers, which so speak volumes if you think about that..

Now while this one does explain alot of the basic’s, I do believe that this book is better for someone that already does alot of cooking, and is looking to take the skills we can all learn in modern books and get back to how to take those same meals and turn them back into forgotten skills..  Or in some cases, you need to have enough cooking, canning knowledge to understand the risks of some of the things being recommended in the book that would NOT meet our current recommended safety rules.

51w6NRm6PRL__SL500_Now lets get down into the grit of things.. Beef, Pork and Lamb!

So lets talk about one of the best Grass-fed Beef Cookbooks I have had the pleasure of reading, this book is a easy read, the recipes are well done and I at least feel like I got to know the auther just by reading her book.. LOVE it and really like that she covers all the cuts, the idea is simple, if you have spent the time and effort to either raise your own grassfed beef or sourced a local farmer to get half or a whole beef from, then you should make each cut count..


Now this book is one of my newest but I have already devoured it and made a number of recipes out of it, I can’t wait to keep making and getting idea’s from this book, its all about pig and pork!, it like the book above covers every single part/cut  of the pig, but it also has a real southern flare to it, so at least for me, it also helps stretch and expore new taste combos. Its also very much a coffee table cookbook, you can just sit down with a cuppa and spend your twenty min break feeling that you are not just reading a cookbook but taking a mini-break and feel like you are learning about how a whole area of the country feels about a food.. LOVE IT!


Now we move on to a little cookbook with alot of punch!! Unlike the others listed above, this is not a big cookbook, this is not a cookbook/tablebook or a cookbook/darn near a cult following in Ireland and England.. instead this little bookbook was put together by some ladies for a fund raiser and it deserves a major “You go Girls” and a big!! thank you all the folks that put forth a recipe to be included in this book.. if you eat lamb or hoggot or mutton.. you need this cookbook!!  Enough said..

61x+PNwtgpL__AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-34,22_AA300_SH20_OU15_I have linked the picture to the e-book but here is the link for the hard copy..

Now, I have not forgotten about all my little critters, rabbits, birds of all shapes and sizes along with some deer, goat recipes,  now this book was gotten as a gift and it is the biggest (not the thickest) and most table book of the bunch but dang those huge awesome photos are so pretty and the recipes are sound, the breakdowns of how to butcher are well done, and this one is the book I reach for if I want to make a different meal, here is my heads up, its not that you won’t have most or all the things you need to make the recipes in this book but don’t expect these to be easy or quick recipes, cuz they are not.. these are slow, picky and careful recipes, using many pots or in the case of one, no pots, its how to cook your freshly butchered out live on a hot rock to serve as a open cooked recipes..  I adore this book and all the time for the ones I have made is so! well worth it but its fussy!


Its also the reason I am ordering in a dozen pheasent chicks this year, just so I can make some of the recipes in this book LOL

Ok and last but by no means least, I have to once again give a shout out to the awesome Odd Bits Cookbook.. This book is the best I have found to date on showing you how to take all those parts that most either throw out or give to the dogs and turn them into amazing meals..


So there you have it, my major go to books on meat.. do you have one to recommend to me? Lay it on me folks!!

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2 Responses to Meat Cookbooks! A little Cookbook Love..

  1. thatoldschoolgirl says:

    great, now it looks like I need a few more books 🙂

    thanks for the reviews

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