The Home Made Pantry Book Review

So this our first of the book reviews, I grabbed this one-off the pile and started flipping and then sighed.. it was so basic.. I mean BASIC.. how to make butter, how to make a beef stew, how to make pancakes and cornbread..

I can not lie, I just looked at the pages, struggled to find anything that would challenge me and I then put the book down with a sigh!

I came back to it the second time and did a more in-depth look at it and read a few of the recipes.. They are solidly written, they use basic food and spices, things that I believe most of us would find in our pantry’s.  They are easy to make.. nothing hard about these recipes.. they are straight forward and would give a nice homemade result.. Tons of pretty pictures in this book.

Still I didn’t find a single recipe that made me want to dig in and getting cooking or baking. Instead I made homemade Blueberry-Ginger Crisp and Black Pepper and old aged Cheese buns.. Neither of which are in the this cookbook.. or any cook book for that matter.  They came from my own mind and my own hands..

AT this point I was worried that I might have to give a poor review on my first book so I grabbed it again with a cuppa earl grey with a dried orange slice throw in and settled in to read. Not the recipe but the full-page of her story..

That is where this book started to shine for me! Page after Page got turned over and I started to smile and laugh.. The joy of new recipes for someone who has never milked a cow and worried about the first time she made yogurt..   The lifting of her spirit when she learned she had the power to make these foods for herself and her children.

O yes.. that was the tipping point.. the book gets a solid 3.5 out of 5 starts.

The perks of the book.. its lovely to look at, its one of those eye candy cookbooks, if you like them and I think all cooks do to a point. It’s very detailed in how to make things. The food is simple, healthy and very easy to make.. All good things for new cooks or those who are learning how to do things that have always been bought..  how to make your own sour cream or cream cheese or butter etc.

But the truth is it shines as journal for me more than it does as a cookbook.. I enjoyed getting to see cooking, baking and making though a set of fresh eyes and a new voice.

The downside of the book

Cost, New at 30 dollars Canadian (I got it at the second-hand shop for .50 cents) it’s very costly for a cookbook that only has a very basic recipe every two or sometimes third page.  Its light on recipes, big on words/story/picture.

It’s not a challenging book at all. Do not get this book if you are already a good cook or homesteader.  Its suited to someone who is JUST learning 🙂

So I would like to point out that I DID NOT get anything for this review, the thoughts are my own. I bought the book myself etc.

I know that I said I would cook out of the books but on this one that is just not going to happen folks..  lol


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6 Responses to The Home Made Pantry Book Review

  1. Silveryew says:

    Thank you for this review – it sounds like the kind of book I would use to be honest. I like cooking but am really a baking novice. So recipes that are simple to do and follow, and healthy, get a star in my book. ^_^

  2. Thanks for your review. I’m looking forwards to more. A first basic cookbook when you first start out on your own can be a God send. My mom was not much of a cook, so I did not learn much from her. The Joy of Cooking and a book called Home on the Range that contains recipes collected from pioneers where I grew up, kept me fed. Both books contain good recipes with common ingredients or at least common, local ingredients such as Moose and Saskatoons, in the case of the second book. I agree with the author, learning to cook and feed your family can be empowering. And yes, new books are too expensive in Canada.
    Stay warm out there.

  3. valbjerke says:

    I collect old old cookbooks (although I try not to get carried away) and yes – I get more enjoyment out of seeing how nutrition or meal planning was done ‘back in the day’ than I do the recipes. Still – sometimes I come across a gem – my ‘go to’ pancake recipe comes out of a book called ‘Woodstove Cookery’. Think it’s the only recipe I use out of that book 🙂

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