Lets hit the books : Planned Coming Book Reviews!

I have a lovely selection of different food related cookbooks that will be reviewed over the winter months 🙂 Recipes will be selected and tried and shared here on the blog.

These books were gotten at the local second-hand shop and cost me .50 cents each.. they are in great condition and are the more coffee book type with lots and lots of fancy photos.

These two were bought at full price at Chapters and worth their weight to do so.. I love the substitution bible.. it’s the frugal cooks best friend.. it’s also a pantry challenges best friend.. ran out of this.. but want to make a certain dish.. check the book and voila

Now I had to admit that I have not used the sauces book nearly enough but I am hoping that this will change after I do a review and recipes out of it on its month.

These lovely both made the Canada short list for the best new cookbooks in Canada for 2018 and both are full of stories.. They both came as birthday gifts to me.. (thank you dear friends). They are as different as you can get..

Feast is two ladies on a road trip across Canada, all modern and fancy slick photos with one little recipe taking a whole page..  Its got recipes in it that make me go.. HUH on that’s considered Canadian food 🙂

Out of old Ontario kitchens is something I have been waiting for! I have been following it coming on my Canadian Culinary History board.. and even a quick glance as shown me that we are going to have fun with this one.. can’t wait to try some old fashion recipes.

If you have one that you really want to go first in Nov, let me know.  I will be starting on the first book next week.. o and if you have a book that you think should be reviews, let me know and I will see what I can do 🙂

I will be switching over in the spring garden/farm books in spring/summer 2019 and canning/preserving books for the fall/early winter of 2019.

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2 Responses to Lets hit the books : Planned Coming Book Reviews!

  1. Looking forwards to your book reviews!

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