Homestead Books – Jan Reading.

Someone sent me a comment on facebook it made me chuckle, I had made a comment on a friends post that was doing the read a hundred books challenge for the year of 2015, I am a somewhat but honest remark that I average 250 to 300 books per year per my kindle shows and my homestead soft and hard cover collection.

So I was asked to share what I am currently reading and give a little review.. so be it..


I am just getting into this book, I have read some chapters and not others but its gail and I own a number of her books, she rocks and I have no doubt that I will continue to work my way though it.. good idea, and some will find their way to the blog in hand one workings


This book is going to be very handy indeed, so far I have been just felting soaps, but I want to expand this into other areas.


This is a small book and I have already read it front to back and I am so pleased to see many crossover information to other books I have but also to see it expanded at the same time.. lots of new info to try out from this book.

Last but by no means least on my new Homestead type books, I got this gem for Herbs..


I have started reading it and decided that its a very heavy book to read, I find I get though two or three at a time before I am ready to put it down, it says cookbook but each herb is given a history, all kinds of info on it, and then it comes down into a X amount of very interesting recipes for each one. I have

and the rest, the none homestead book, well most are romance with the odd anything goes thrown in there

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