I love my strawberries but I also find them to be little trouble makers, they love to put out babies instead of making nice big fat berries, they are weak in the sense that they require babying, they need to be weeded more then other things do, they need bedding down, they need more fuss in regards to watering to get a great crop and the slugs..  O the slug, some times, I think they put up a big old sign that says…  slug party here in neon lights LOL


But despite that, we are always in flux in terms of how many plants we have and we eat them fresh and then put them up in a number of different ways..



farm 003

Yup, we are heading into 2015 with long row ready to strongly produce this year, one smaller row of babies from 2014 that are transplanted and we will have one more row that will be babies that overwintered in place but will be moved in early spring as soon as possible to a new strawberry growing spot.

Having said that, we are planning on buying and adding in a new kind of strawberry plant, some of our plants are june bearing but a good number are ever berry..

We are gong to be bringing in a lot of a new to us june bearer, the plan is simple, june bearing is a better choice for us.. its after the big planting push but its still very early in the harvest season, that means that we have time to get a big crop of them picked and processed.

This is another one of the garden group buys, by buying in bulk we are able to get one year old bareroot strawberry plants for a hundred per 12 dollars plus your share of shipping.

I am thinking of getting a goodly amount for the farm and also a extra hundred to donate to a local food producing group that supports low income families grow their own food.   I also plan to talk to our big local food forest group and see if they want 50 to 100 for their own planting as well.



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  1. Sheri says:

    LOL! I have the same problem! I started with 6 ever bearing and now have a million! Last fall I just took babies and planted in new areas of the garden for new starts, they produce more fruits. Old mama’s are going to compost or will be moved to the front yard to make babies only. I’ll remove and share the babies that are still on the mamas that I couldn’t get transplanted last fall. I treat with DE around my strawberries (put it in a jelly bag and pounce under the plants” and reapply after rains for the slugs. Then I lay down “berms” of fireplace ash around the whole works. They don’t like crossing ash.

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