Cracked Salt an Pepper Bear Bite’s Appetizer Recipe

Sorry about the touch Blurry Photo’s, Thought I had gotten it and no going back after it was all gone in about three minutes.

While I do understand that not that many folks have access to black bear meat (world-wide) but there is a thriving population and there are currently both spring and fall hunt tags available in Ontario..  You will remember the last time I had bear was at Big Brothers a number of years back.

So when I got asked if I would like a bear roast one night while I was up, I was all.. YES, please.. but in the end we re-worked the roast into appetizers, a flattened rolled-stuffed and bacon wrapped roast and two potions of stew or BBQ stick meat..

All fixin’s were done by my host but I will own that I took lead on the bear recipes, I make a Beef Version of this that Dear Hubby adores and if you don’t have dark Wild Game Meat (Bear,  Moose, Elk, or Canadian Goose Breast Meat) Beef will get the job done 🙂

Take half a pound of a solid piece of meat, Take off any silver skin, an bits of fat.. This can be a off-cut to point.. it does not need to a prime bit..  Once you have your cleaned meat, cut it into small cubes, you might lose a touch of bits that can go for ground or for stew but you need these pieces to be as close to even in cubes and in size as possible.

Now if you have not aged your meat before you processed it, then this step is very important, in a clean bowl.. let this meat rest for at least 15 min.. 30 is better, and come up in temp, you do not! want to cook this with cold or heaven help you chilled meat.. your meat needs to come up to room temp and be given enough time to relax at it.

In the bowl, you are going to crack at least a tsp of cracked salt and pepper over the meat and put 1 tbsp. of corn starch and mix it together till the meat is all coated, if anything sticks together, add a touch more corn starch.. each piece should be dry to the touch when you are done.

In a deep bottomed high sided pot or deep fryer, pre-heat your oil at med-high, your pot must be large enough so the meat is not really touching each other to much and that its all going to go in a single layer, otherwise the temp will drop to much on the fat and it will not turn out as well as it could.

So carefully lower each piece into the oil but do it as quickly as safety will allow, give each piece at last 20 to 30 seconds and then carefully, go in with your tool and make sure they all will lift off the bottom or shake your tray if using a fryer so they unstick..

It will take around 90 to 120 seconds of cook time an they will be golden brown.. lift and place the pieces on paper towel or a clean cloth towel to drain the fat off and then put on your plate, give one more tiny crack of salt and pepper over them.

Serve hot an you can serve with Ranch dipping sauce if you like.

These got a 5 Star rating from my hosts!

If you cut the meat cubes, twice the size and then flatten them with gentle careful whack of the rolling pin, and prepare and cook them the same way, but serve them with stirfry veggies and rice on the side, it will be a outstanding homemade Chinese supper..

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