Rolled, Stuffed Bear Roast with reduction sauce.

Honestly how can you go wrong with rolled, stuffed, bacon wrapped roast..  It pretty hard to mess this one up..

Take your flat steaks or if you are using a roast, butterfly it into two equal portions and flatten them with the help of a meat tenderizer if you can or in our case, a hammer (it was a hunt camp.. use what you have LOL)

Make a homemade stuffing or a box one.. our homemade one was made with celery, onions, multi-grain bread, and salt, pepper, and Poulty seasoning blend, with butter. the extra was baked in a dish of its own to be served on the side.

Layer your meat down and then cover with stuffing, leaving a edge and then roll them together, and in this case as we were feeding three, I tied small to the ends and tied it into three lovely thick cuts..  it was a small roast and it took five slices of bacon wrapped around and into its tinfoil home, at 350 at 20 min per pound for a total of a hour.

The tinfoil was opened up for the last five min to help crisp the bacon.

Then the roast was taken out and allowed to rest for two min while the juices where put into a pan, with more butter and a touch of cream, the meat was then sliced at the twine lines and given one min on each side in the fry pan and then lifted out to the plates and the reduction was drizzled equally over all three just before serving..

This was served with roasted root veggies and whole roasted garlic head and the extra stuffing..  A outstanding way to introduce someone to bear..

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  2. A Bear Rouladen, how awesome!

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