Our Beloved Munchkin has crossed over the rainbow bridge

My heart is breaking, our much loved 15 year plus year old sweet purrpot Munchkin has left us. Munchkin was the first shared fur kid that Hubby and I got together, she was a Yellowknife rescue..

I was getting routine vet care done on Priss and there were cats and kittens everywhere, I asked the vet tec, why so many as I had been there before, and they would normally have couple cats, but they were so full, overflowing into the walkway, the low income housing had gotten a new manager and he had sent notices, that the no pet was being enforced, they could either keep their homes or their pets..

The vet said at the back, a holiday was coming up an he needed x amount of cages cleared for boarding by Friday or they would need to be put down, it was weds, and I took Priss home and went to hubbies office and said, we can’t save them all but we can save one.. you can pick the kitten or cat, I had four that had caught my eye.

He picked out Munchkin (but we named her formally Aura) which lasted all of five min, she moved with us across Canada, she sat and purred me better over the loss’s of my babies, she was always there for me..

To know her was to love her, anyone who meet her adored her be it friends or family, or total strangers, when I was showing some of my purebred Purrpots, they did well, earning championships and titles in both Canada and the USA but it was Munchkin in Household Pet that Rocked it out..

Trunks full of huge rosettes, and who made it into the top ten in Canada, she would win over the judge and the crowds with her purr, her sense of play, her goodness an sweetness that poured from her.

She liked farm life but never really stopped being a house kitty, laying in the sun and fresh air on the deck was great fun, but she was a lover, not a hunter..

Her health began having issues last year, and she had antibodic’s, she was on special food, and wet food daily, she was given extra care in the winter with warm heated beds.. We had a few scares but pulled though them.

And then it was time.. I wish that we didn’t have to make those choices, that our much loved critters could just go to sleep an not wake up but it rarely happens that way.. There is that moment when you know you are just being selfish, that your desire to keep her with you one more day, not because its the best thing for her at that time but because you know that there is going to be a huge missing part in your world.

You will be missed, you were loved, you were my heart cat, and I know, that there will never be another munchkin for me..


Only Priss is left with us, she is 17 this year and so far going strong..

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5 Responses to Our Beloved Munchkin has crossed over the rainbow bridge

  1. Sheri says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I know a strangers words do not bring much comfort so I want to leave you with this thought: When we die and cross the Rainbow Bridge it’s going to be a marvelous reunion! See you on the other side Munchkin.

  2. Carole Gautreau says:

    I’m so sorry you had to make the dreaded decision, it’s truly one of the most difficult decisions we have to make when we love our pets so much. Please know I’m thinking of you.

  3. calliek says:

    So sorry you had to let your beloved go. Hugs.

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