Garden Monday-Indepence Day’s

I decided to combine the wonderful Independence Day Challange with the once a month garden update for my monday’s main posts. Going to also add links to blog I read that are doing this challange, if anyone else who read’s me is going to join, please let me know in the comments and I will link you in as well!

Plant something: Beans, Radishes and spinach

Harvest something: Everything counts – Sprouts, Eggs, Milk, Maple Water

Preserve something: Canned Lamb, Rabbit, Duck, Dried apples, Dried Precooked Rice and Barley and made “instant” spiced pint jars for suppers when I am in a hurry.

Waste not: Composting from the house, barns. One of my big water jugs broke, so I cut the top off, and now it will fit in the bottom half and I will  have another mini green starter green house, filled it with dirt and winter sowned it and set it up on the south side of the little barn, and it will do its thing!

Want Not: Great Week on this, only 5 spending days out of 20 this month so far, however speaking of coming wants -DH’s birthday is coming up and he came home with a b-day gift idea, he has decided that he wants a bow for his birthday, he is unsure yet what kind, and he didn’t even finch when I say.. Me too right? So we can do it together, just yup, we will have to get a large round bale placed over there for target practise..

Eat the Food: See Food Storage Fridays Reports

Build community food systems: Posted a seedy saturday link on my Twitter Account is as close as it gets.

Skill up: Regular Skills being worked this past week, lots of farm related, canning, drying food, Picked up the book, the river cottage meat book by hugh fearnley-whittingstall

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11 Responses to Garden Monday-Indepence Day’s

  1. This all sounds really interesting, especially the canning and drying food!!! Where did you learn to can food? Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

    • Hi Heather,

      I was raised in a canning family, so I learned to help from as far back as I can remember, I would have learned mostly from my mom but also from my grandmother, and I introduced my hubby to it within the first months of meeting me. Our first canning product we ever made was wild picked rose petal jelly.

  2. K.B. says:

    Ohh, how did you like the River Cottage book? It’s on my wish list, so I’m interested in hearing what you think about it.

    And here’s a silly question: maple water? I assume you boil it down for syrup, or do you have another use for it?

    • Hi K.B.

      I am liking the River Cottage Book, its well written and he clearly really believes in what he writings, I have not tried the recipes yet, but I think I will enjoy a number of them when I do.. I have to admit that I am liking the Forgotten skills of cooking by Darina allen more so far, Book books have information in them that are tailors to England or Ireland,

      I think I would like the river cottage book more if I had not just got and been reading the other one first, its so amazing and has so! many more recipes that the river cottage book seems a little light both in the reading and the recipes.

      Hope that makes sense? Both are very good but If I had to pick a book to take with me, it would be forgotten skills.

    • Maple Water, I do boil it down to make syrup but I also like to drink it at the half way point like a spring tonic, also I love to simmer my corned meat in half done maple water, I have been known to also can is half way there and use it as a sugar water to make tea’s with, use it different dishes.

  3. queen of string says:

    Rice drying? Would I be correct in assuming that it then becomes like “5 minute rice”? Anything special to look out for or is it a ” toss it in the dehydrator, remove it when dry” ? Yet another thing you do routinely and I have never even thought to do 🙂

    I will be going back to work as soon as I get employment and set up some business support services to run ourselves and am busy thinking of and making things to can and freeze for quick meals on work nights. I need to go on a baking marathon too. The teenagers will revolt if they cant find a baked snack. I finally worked out how to get them to eat home baked instead of reaching for commercial stuff, I stopped buying commercial stuff! Simples! Although, buying a hotair popcorn maker ( thrifted) instead of microwave popcorn appears to have them stumped 😀

    • Hi Queen

      Nope 🙂 the rice is new to me too, I had never read about doing it in any of my books but it came in my new dehrdratings books I got last fall..

      Cook your rice according to your packages until tnder, then rince under cold water to cool and remove extra starch, drain very well..

      Then spread them out in one even layer on fine mesh drying trays, dry at 130 for 6 to 8 hours, Its recommended to stir occasionally to break up any clumps and ensure even drying. They are done when translecent, very firm and dry thoughout.. and then yup, like the five rice afterwards, this can be done with white rice or brown rice or wheat berries or barley, or even pasta.

      • queen of string says:

        That’s pretty darn cool! I might have a play with that tomorrow. DH is off to the Island on business and I like to conduct my science experiments whilst he’s away :-).

  4. Polearm says:

    Both of us have traditional bows (one 25# longbow, one 35# recurve) we use for SCA purposes. We use them somewhat less with Mini-us. Depending on how things go, we could come out and help you tenderize the round bale a bit and share tips around.

    Relating to this, I have had an interest in learning how to make arrows. Maybe I should talk to some people I know about that…

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