Driveway visiting..

The power has been out for most of the day today, and that meant that Farmer T popped over to see if mine was out, same as her’s, it was and I had reported it..

I had to chuckle a little at what someone who was a fly on the wall would think of our visit. The topics included but not limited to..

1) Breeding pigs, she has also got a young male for her own female pig Pickles, and you think my boy’s name is funny, her’s is called Little Larry BamBam.

2) Fall hunting, what was got, and what was done with it

3) Sheep, Lambing, and every other critter in eye sight that got the look over 🙂

4) Trail Riding and new horse added to her herd, and when am I going to come over and go for a ride?

5) Wood stoves and splitting wood

6)Can you give a hand with this project that is planned for this year? She wants a little help with one thing in mind, I would like help with a project on the farm, that would take me weeks of work or an hour of her backhoe to do the same thing.

7) What you got planned for in regards to the gardens?

8) Building a ice cart for the local winter fair, want to come cheer the kids on tomorrow?

9) Sap will be running soon, how many much are you planning on doing this year?

It was as always a quick visit, filled with info and the odd laugh or two, a catch up of the top news stories and then back to our own lives and farms. 



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6 Responses to Driveway visiting..

  1. Driveway visits are always nice. Had one with an old neighbor this past summer when we went to visit the folks. We learned a bit, the neighbors did too. Wonder if they’re ready to be invaded? When I left, there were three in my little family. Now there will be five coming home.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    You’ve just gotta love having a few spare minutes to let a conversation wander where it will… From polite discussion of animals and crops before getting (finally) to a request for help and counter offer in exchange (ain’t barter just the bomb? ; )
    And re sap running – hasn’t it been off and on already with the way the temperature’s been? But maybe you’ve been staying below freezing more than we have down here closer to “the Lake” (Ontario, that is). I don’t think we’ve had more than three days in a row steadily below 0*C all “winter” long.

  3. That sounds like a fun visit 😉 🙂 Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

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