March Pantry Challange 2021

Well, its a week into march and I had hoped to get a few more posts up but as long as I make my weekly overviews on sunday, I will be happy about it.

For new readers, March Pantry Challanges goes way back on this blog!

March Pantry Challenge 2011

Way back then, I did a pantry stable and that first day it was Barley, over the ten years I have done it a number of ways, I have done the 31 War time rations, I have done full out 0 mile only, I have done it with 10 dollar food basket once a month, so a pantry challenge with what would be one single food box added..

This year in 2021, I had to have a little bit of modifcation to our pantry challenge in regards to hubby’s meal planning, I will look forward to doing this challange in 2022 ideally as much as possable off the farm next year..

This year however, I am getting two boxes of fresh veggies/fruit/greens this month, they will come in on the 4th and the 18th. I have two ewes with lambs on side for fresh milk, plus I have milk, cream and cheese/butter frozen in the freezers.

Also coming into march challenge 2021, I also have the new indoor greenhouse, which is producing at this time plus sprouts. But alot of the greenhouse is being filled tray after tray with seedlings now and so I am losing “salad” growing space but that is fine, it pushes me harder to use up what we have.

Many things in the pantry, I can not use at the moment in main means or snacks as they were canned up with to much sugar, some things I am slowly eating them myself.. others get slowly used as toppings for critter foods, and or eaten with rich thick homemade yogurt.

We as always have a huge amount of meat put up, more on the hoof/claw and more being born in the barn this week as the lambs are arriving. We have our own eggs, our own milk, three freezers, one fruit/veggies, one milk/milk produces and our biggest in beef, chicken, duck, (I am out of lamb) pork and a small amount of wild game yet. I also have one char and one salmon but otherise I am pretty lean on fish at this time.

Our days are pretty regular at this time, Breakfast is eggs/some type of meat, with a mix of veggies, think green pepper, onion, mushroom, sometimes salsa is used, sometimes melted bits of cheese, scrmbled eggs, omlets and sometimes rye Wasa with peanut butter if in a rush and not doing a hot breakfast.

Lunch is soup/stew with a salad or a big salad with cold meats with small apple or banana or yogurt with a bit of fruit and nuts as dessert.

Supper can be a stirfry, meat/veggies, roasted meats with roasted veggies with a salad on the side, or it can be steaks or chicken with cream deglazing gravy with quarter plate low to med carb veggies with smaller salad, the supper salad is the most open, the lunch is green based.. but the supper can be cabbage, green, mirco grated and so on.. or it can be a basic green salad with fresh veggie toppings. Rarely, once a week we have a higher carb treat meal, be that a x-large pizza made with one cup multi grain flour so that a quarter pizza gets a quarter cup to go with a big side salad. or perhaps a 6 portion dish with half a cup of balsamic rice fro the whole recipe, giving approx 2 tbsp of cooked rice per portion or paper thin sliced potato on the topping of a shepards pie.. I do use limited Barley, Lentals, split peas as well.

Snacks are nuts, yogurt with a bit of fruit, celery or apple with peanut butter or other nut butters, treats are pork crisps.

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