Ten Dollar a week Challange -Callie’s Update and links..


Farmgal over at Just Another Day on the Farm came up with this challenge last year and it’s pretty much like it sounds; for the month of January we’ll try to spend only $10/wk on groceries. Canadian Doomer is in, as well as a few other folks. Two years ago, many of us participated in a Pantry Challenge in which we bought no groceries at all in the month of March and lived on only what we had in the house. March probably wasn’t the best month to attempt that since a lot of the food I preserved from the previous summer was already long gone but it was a good test to see how long we could last with food we had on hand.

Head on over to Callie’s site to get the rest of the story! Just let me say a few things..

A) I would trade something she wanted from the farm for a day’s lession on how to make good homemade progies! a huge weak spot in my own cooking ability! Her’s are just plan drool worthy!

B) Just a comment on the March challange, which I indeed to bring back again this year, the reason that month is picked is because it was called the straving month way back when for the very reason’s Callie said, you are at the end of winter, nothing is fresh, you don’t really have anything to wild harvest yet.. the temps are up enough that frozen food thaws and its still cold enough that nothing is really growing without major planning..

C)  I do agree, I think it is harder to do these challanges without having the farm resourses, so in that A HUGE hats off to you!!

So how about the others that said there were joining, when you get your round up done, let me know and I will share it on my site as well!


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