Name? Houdini, pony?

Ok, I am looking for name idea’s, Houdini just does not roll of the tongue in a nice easy way and I struggle over it while trying to work with him, I do not want to go back to calling him Pony, I get enough flack over calling the Cow  “Girl”..

So as you know, small mini-horse dapple grey pinto gelding.. but I don’t want to go to silly cute like tom thumb or Tiny Tim or Jimminie Cricket ?

I will admit that I do like Itty-Bit but can that really be a good name to work with.. Whoa itty-bit.. not really..

Open to idea’s and thoughts but won’t say for sure that I will pick one, just that I am open to listening.. Look forward to what you come up with..

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12 Responses to Name? Houdini, pony?

  1. Karla says:

    How about Lil Bit or Baby Beau. He is really little and cute.

  2. We had a Parrot before and the previous person name him/her Rambo, we did not like that name and the Parrot did not respond to it either. After a while we came up with Bobo (pronounced bowbow)

    Why not just call him Houdini, I like that or perhaps shorten the name, so how about Houd / Hood
    When you need to you can call out HOOD, and he should still respond.

    Best of luck, too bad they can not talk to us enough to let us know their animal name.

    • I hear you, I liked Houdini but he has no interest in those sounds coming together, I do think they talk to us in a way, if you use a name and that combo of sounds does nothing for them, it becomes clear, and then if you start trying names, at some point the right “sound combo” will get a response.. That was why it was so easy to change Brandies name, she knew her name, started with a bbb and ended in a eee.. what came in the middle matter only to us humans, so to go from birdie to brandy was a very easy switch over..

      So far despite trying names, either I have not gotten close enough to his old name to get a response or he didn’t know his old name?

  3. Kelli says:

    How about Dini for short. Most of our animals, especially horses wind up with shortened names. Egypt became E G, Rebel became Webbles, and Commanche is Munchy or Monkey.
    We had a dog named DOG, named after the dog in a John Wayne movie.

    • Hmmm, Dini, I will try it out and see if it might work, I know just what you mean, most of my critters end up with two or three names in the end over the years in forms of nicknames, but I do try and keep a training/real name as well.

  4. Marie says:

    I really liked Houdini but I understand animals need short clipped sounds to understand better. So “His Royal Highness Worcestershire” is probably out. Do you like geeky names? How about something from Lord of the Rings since he is so tiny? Something hobbitsy like Bilbo or Frodo or Sam (Samwise Gamgee).

    • To be honest, I still very much like the name Houdini but it really does not work well in training and its more important to me to find a name that will work in training then one I like.. but ideally to find one that will do both is what I am after..

      I do like geeky names, I am looking at celtic, scottish, gaelic.. I’m open, and I don’t mind a longer name if it goes with a clear and easy short training name, I just can’t figure out a way to shorten houdini so that I like it..

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        (Put this on the wrong page initially, sorry!)
        You mentioned the other day about needing a better/easier name for the little guy? How’s about Roly (as in Roly Poly) or Fozzy (’cause he is, fuzzy I mean; ) or Hobby (as in hobby horse) or (DH here says) maybe Patches?
        If you really like Houdini why not call him Harry (Hairy; ) as in H. Houdini?

  5. grammomsblog says:

    What about Cricket, just Cricket….. He might like the ‘click’ type sound in it. And he’s small, by Jimminee!

  6. I’m fairly new here, so I hope you don’t mind me taking part. I love your blog! How about Pokey from the old t.v. series Gumby and Pokey? It’s short and cute. I have cats named Toby and Casey. It seems that almost all of my animals have ended in “y”! Or how about Mickey (as in Mickey Mouse…another small critter!). He could be “Mick” for short. Or maybe not ;-). I’m looking forward to hearing your final decision.

    • welcome Brenda, I hope to see many more comments from you 🙂 and I will find time soon to go check out your own blog, I see that you are a fellow Canadian. I will continue to speak different names outload to houdini to see if a sound combo works for him and I will annouce once I find a name that works..

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