March Pantry Challenge 2021 Week 2


We leaped into spring like weather this week!.. so much melting.. we had our first “false” spring and it was lovely! We broke our weather record on weds.. the old high was 10c and we got to 14c

I spent time out doing bird photos, but will give them their own post.. we have had 4 ewes lamb so far, so on farm we have fresh milk and fresh eggs coming in.. (chicken only) my ewes have so far all had singles, considering how poor the pasture was, while I did flush them in the fall, looking at them, i think we will be having a lot of singles.. I am strangely ok with this..

Still its a good idea to put up some extra colstrum in case of a bottle baby but with my big bagged up ladies that can easily feed twins, its a ideal time to make some beestling cheese as well.

In terms of eggs, the hens are starting to pick up a bit and we are getting 4 to 6 a day, perfect for our own needs and the farm dogs..


The greenhouse is being shifted from growing greens and such into seedling starting.. we are taking off the last of the pea pods, the cucumber plants have started producing male flowers.


The forage end of things locally has been Nanda, Nill.. nope.. The sap had a few days of first run.. so there is that! Otherwise, we still have lots and lots of snow cover!

So are you ready for the big news? We were able to turn off one of our freezers, adjusting what was left into the space in the remaining freezers.. This is a such sign of winter wearing on and it means we are doing what we should be.. eating out of our pantry/freezers/farm.

I cooked up one of our pork roasts and honestly its a delightful treat, so good.. it was a low slow roast and it was heavenly!

That’s it folks.. a quiet steady slow week with lots of basic meals

Fried dippy eggs

Beef Veggie Stew

Beef Barley stew with pea’s and turnips in place of potatos

Roast Pork

Rabbit stew

They are not the very same.. but they are delightful and very close in type..

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3 Responses to March Pantry Challenge 2021 Week 2

  1. Silver says:

    Well done for eating so well out of your stocks at home – and the rabbit stew sounds wonderful! We had rabbit stew when we visited Husband’s uncle in Malta, it’s their unofficial national dish there.

  2. arlynch1475 says:

    First, the picture of your dog in motion is fantastic!

    Second, I hear ya! Much has changed in our eating habits since this time last year, so there’s a good deal of canned stuff that is going unused. I hate to think of getting rid of it….but I also hate the space it’s taking up when we’re kinda limited for storage. For now it’s staying where it’s at but if it’s still there when canning season begins in another month or two…..

    On a related note….I’m down almost 27# and my darlin, about 12# (without trying 🙄🙄🙄) so I dont see us indulging in a bunch of fruit preserves any time soon!

    • thanks I loved that photo of Remmi as well.. can you use any of the canned food in the meals even in small amounts for your dog? and second, trade.. once you get to the point of needing the jars, with care that you know you will get them back.. offer them up for sale or trade.. there will be peaple lined up to snap up your hard work.. its making sure that the jars come home that is the worry part. .. congrats on your weight loss.. and hubby’s as well..

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