Birds.. Ontario March Canada

Hello Folks..  In the next days and weeks the spring migration will be starting in terms of the birds.. but this post is of the birds that stayed the winter plus one guest family..

House Sparrow hanging onto a birch twig

We have so many different kinds of sparrows, this lovely female house sparrow on the birch tree hit a delightful pose for me.

My whole yard went quiet and then I figured out why as this Adult Northern Strike went after a chickadee on the middle yard feeder and missed and went to the top of the tree to watch the birds.

When we went out for chores, I was only able to grab one single photo of this years offspring, what a healthy looking young Northern Strike.. Its the first time I have seen them hunting on the farm, they were just passing by.

I really like this lovely view of both female and male Evening Gosebeaks a bird that is considered on conserve list and they are moving their range, its my understanding that they really like my norway maples and I have noticed that they have eaten all the keys off the trees.

Not only have they been a pretty bird with their flash and boldness in the yard but they are very vocal and chatty.. we feed at least a hundred plus daily.

We have two kinds of woodpeckers in the yard and in total we have 5 mated pairs.. delightful busy birds, they live in the forest but visit a certain times daily.

I have to date only had White Breasted Nuthatches on the farm, perhaps someday I will get different kinds of nut hatches but not yet.. I have three mated pairs of these funny birds.. they race up and down and hang at the oddest angles lol

Mr Red has stayed the whole winter and now in the past week as the weather has warmed, he has taken to finding a very high perch on the top of the spruce tree and has started his mating calls.. man can he sing.. He needs to come closer to the house and he will find his call will carry much further in the eco we can get but so far, he is sure that his spot is the one.. this day, I was amazed to get his photo from below and he is edged in the sun..

The ravens are busy collecting the sheeps wool as they drop it.. They were gathering it up on the pathways. That’s nests eggs and chicks are going to have a very warm nest for sure.

So many Redpolls they are very happy flock birds coming in from dark to light and so many inbetweens in shading.

The Finches are as always a delight.. and what would a canadian winter be without our black capped chickadees.. singing always, so bold, they love to buzz you as they fly by your head so fast lol. In the local parks, so many peaple will show little vidoe of the city chickadee’s landing and taking peanuts or sunflowers directly from peaples hands.. Ours are not that friendly but they are by far the most bold bird in the yard.

Overall, we have had the pleasure of hosting around 150 to 200 plus birds daily at our feeders for most of the winter 2020 and 2021.. we have run 4 feeders daily and we have to fill each day BOSS (Black Sunflower Seed) and a mix of smaller seeds, along with bird fat blocks.

I will see what I can do in terms of taking new birds as they travel though and doing the odd bird photo post..

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5 Responses to Birds.. Ontario March Canada

  1. Silver says:

    You are so lucky to see so many birbs on the farm! I especially liked your picture of Mr. Red and the adult northern strike – two types of birds we don’t see her in Europe (I think).

    • Hi Silver I believe you are right, Mr Red is a northern Cardinal and the northern Strike is also a northern bird, perhaps they have them in norway but you would have seen them if they were there I expect.. but I do not believe you would have them in england πŸ™‚

  2. valbjerke says:

    Stellar photography!
    We have woodpeckers, warblers, chickadees….grouse, ring necked doves (not sure who they belong to, but they’re here every day) – any number of birds. I have a Nat Geo book I can refer to as with climate change there are new ones every year. Love them 😊

    • Yes, they say that Evening Grosbeaks are changing their range due to climate change, I normally get red breasted Grosbeaks come though in the spring and fall push though. I have never seen a northern strike before.. stunning birds.. and amazing to get to see them at the age of 48.. lucky on the grouse and the warblers, they will be coming but it will take time for them to get here.. they like it down further southern ontario πŸ™‚

  3. arlynch1475 says:

    So pretty! I was never really a bird watcher till my Sweet Petunia became interested and we sat up feeders for her to observe. We have the usuals… Woodpeckers, Cardinals, Buntings….but last summer we began seeing something Mara called a “cornbread bird”. A very large bird that walked around upright and was the same color as the crust on a pan of cornbread! I tried googling the proper name but when you put cornbread bird in the search bar, you just end up with pictures of roasted chicken with cornbread dressing lol

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