Pricing! (Garden)

While prices across the whole system are up and you can expect to pay more, a reasonable more.. However it has become clear to me that there are peaple locally and across the country that have decided that they can “work the system”.

I am beyond frustrated, locally within a hour of my farm, there is a new “garden business” that is using one of my own tag lines that I have used for a number of years and I am getting feedback that there is crossover on the wording..

kitchen garden

A lovely multi-bed Kitchen Garden

It happens, they are common words and I can and have used them, and I will keep using them alot in case they decide that they are going to try and legally take them as their name.. but worse is their pricing.. its insane..

A graden box that could be found on our local facebook market place or kijji for 180 to 300 is instead 800, plants that could be gotten for Xx at the greenhouse is X4 because they bring them with them with your “plan” its a sqaure foot garden box.. do you really think that plant is worth a 300 percent markup because they said.. put it here?

Worse then all that, is that they have found a way to make money by selling “online” content of their mentor and doing it in levels just like a MLM company.. and the starting course is almost 250..

Do you have any idea how many hard cover garden books you could own for 250 dollars, you could buy a garden book collection that would answer every question you could think of..

The money saved by paying going rate of 250-300 for the garden box would allow you to buy the seeds or even the seedlings to fill it for the next 10 to 15 years!


So let me be really clear on something.. We can plant in the ground!

Honest! I swear its true.. now I know that there are real reasons to use a raised garden box, you live in town and the ground is not good, heavy heavy clay, pure sand.. or you have a small backyard that is all patio stones and you need to put a small garden box on it..

There are postives to garden boxs, I know and agree with that.. I have some for a reason, but we are pricing out huge sections of our populations by making it seem like we need a thousand plus to invest in a garden box.. those boxes need to be filled and soil costs money!

Until you go to fill that box, you can not grasp how much it will cost to fill it! and for those in town that are buying soil by the bag, they are going to be stunned at how little a bag is going to do in one of those big boxes and then its going to settle after that..


Now on to better news, I am thrilled to say that I finally found a company to buy my top soil and my natural cedar mulch from.. I will have 10 tons of cedar mulch arriving towards mid to late april depending on when it thaws enough and the half loads are off the roads and a full 20 tons of top soil arriving in early may.. As well as another 22 tons of wood based bedding cow compost, with the ability to get a second load.. plus I hope to add a ton thought out the whole season of femented Barley leftovers from beer making.

I also have 3600 hundred pounds of straw for ground cover for the gardens as well..

This means that I am well set to top anything in the kitchen gardens, the hill garden, and all the extras required to do the pathways for the blue moon garden area and then we get busy on creating pathways/beds/plantings and more in the knot garden and the Boogaloo food forest garden..

It took a number of calls and searching but I finally found a place that had reasonable prices that wanted to work with me. Honeslty I thought they were to far and the first blush, they said that to.. to far, then the hubby said.. wait.. ask what she wants and once they found out I want “full sizes” as much as your truck can load in one go delivery’s they were like.. yes and they had good prices to start with but they gave me a lovely 150 discount on the cedar plus free deliver.. Awesome!

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4 Responses to Pricing! (Garden)

  1. valbjerke says:

    I garden in raised beds (boxes only). I’m on nothing but clay….a foot down from soil. I’ve gardened in it. It’s miserable.
    I have never purchased a garden box. Very easy to build….at a fraction of the price. Ours are rough cut lumber. Some are made out of logs we’ve fallen from our property. Some are made from hydro poles we got for free when the hydro company was replacing them in our area.
    Garden boxes can also be made from pallets (always available for free somewhere). My friend has beautiful boxes her hubby made from 4×4 corners and sturdy roofing tin. Gardens can be planted in straw bales. Pails. Used tires. Burlap sacks….
    Sometimes people need to think ‘outside the box’ – the garden centres will have all that crap on sale come fall – if people refuse to buy it at inflated prices now.

    • Excellent points ValB and I think I need to do a post address just that.. all the different kinds with photos of garden beds.. and for sure.. gardenly on very heavy clay is not easy and a perfect reason to garden above ground..

  2. Nicola says:

    I was just talking to a gardening friend about these issues this weekend. People get the idea they must plant all the things, on their first attempt, or it doesn’t count. I would love to see more emphasis on just growing something. A pot of chives and a tomato plant in a pot, is a garden! I have been doing this a while, but not as much as I would like, for all sorts of reasons. My aim last year was one cup of food brought in each day. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it adds up over the year. I am so sorry you are dealing with a company using your words, especially when their values seem to be so different from yours.

    • More wonderful Points Nicola.. love the bring in one cup of something, a cup a day added huge to meals and cuts costs and increases freshness and is a reachable goal for many peaple. and yes, Its clear to me that we have different values.. I need to do some real thinking on it and how I want to handle it..

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