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The Peanut Foo is good!

The Blue Jays love peanuts.. I love a birds from the Corvid family, with ravens being my ultra favorite but crows and jays coming in a very close second..  but for flash, the jay is so crazy pretty..  They are … Continue reading

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Turkey Vulture “the clean up crew”

We were heading to one of our local fishing spots just down the way when we came around a curve and up flew this Turkey Vulture and I saw that it was feeding on a raccoon as our car went … Continue reading

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Birds.. Ontario March Canada

Hello Folks..  In the next days and weeks the spring migration will be starting in terms of the birds.. but this post is of the birds that stayed the winter plus one guest family.. We have so many different kinds … Continue reading

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Friday Rambles- Fish and Feathers

What a week its been coming into my first Friday Rambles for 2021.. Bloody @$^@&%* hell.. $^@&%@& it all anyway.. O my did that #$@&**$^*^* really just happen.. Yes, yes it really did just happen and I do not know … Continue reading

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