The Peanut Foo is good!

The Blue Jays love peanuts.. I love a birds from the Corvid family, with ravens being my ultra favorite but crows and jays coming in a very close second..  but for flash, the jay is so crazy pretty.. 


They are bird feeder bullies for sure, mob yard bosses.. but they are also bold as brass.. and so they are the most active in regards to being willing to play in my christmas wild bird photography.. 


This is a mix of, that opps is awesome and got it! (with lots and lots of blur you will not see lol)


Some of the action ones are pretty darn great.. 



Some where taken in the morning light with the cold bitter frost used to good effect.. 


Other in the taken in the fading light of the evening sun on the longest dark day of year.. 

Today is a new day.. and the wheel turns and light starts coming again.. each day a little longer, a little brighter.. we still have the cold and winter bitterness to come but the sun will hold its promise.. the cats will seak it out.. the plants will turn to it in the house, and I for one am glad to see that the darkest day of 2021 is behind us.. onward.. 

So which one is your favorite? Did the action one catch your eye.. did you like the picture perfect one? or perhaps the one that almost looks like a painting but its real?


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1 Response to The Peanut Foo is good!

  1. Silver says:

    What a beautiful bird! I think the second picture is my personal favourite as it really shows the stunning profile of the birds head.

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