Healthy Fall Beef Stew Recipe

What a light but o so tasty Fall Based Beef Stew!

Fall Based Beef Stew Recipe.

  •  1 beef flank Steak (trimmed, and cut into stew cubes)
  •  1 Large Zucchini (a oversized one, peeled, and seeds out and then cut into cubes)
  •  1 Full leek, white and green, cleaned and sliced into rings and green bits
  •  4 cups of itty bitty baby potato (the kind you need to use first after digging up your spud batch) or if you don’t want to buy baby potato’s.. 6 med peeled potato cut into cubes
  •  3 peppers in this case I used green but you can use any color you want.
  •  2 garlic, peeled and diced.
  • 2 tbsp of oil or fat of your choice
  •  Salt, Pepper, Bay Leaf and some steak spice (if you want)
  •  1 quart of veggie stock

In a heavy bottomed pot, add your oil at med heat and put in your leek, garlic and beef, brown them and then add your zucchini, potato’s, peppers, spices and veggie stock.

The stock should cover the stew, if it does not add more.. (the size and shape of your pot might make it that you need more stock then I have listed.. just add another cup till its well covered)

Place this pot with lid on into a slow over at 300 and let it cook for 2 to 4 hours.. everything should be tender when checked with a fork.. the zucchini will have pretty much melted into sauce..

Serve a hearty bowl of it with a side green salad, or a fresh bread or as is.. your choice.

If you want it more “beef” you can use Beef Broth but I wanted this to be a flavourful but very light broth, allowing the veggie flavours to come though..

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