Homemade Taco’s

Happy Taco Day! Some fun Taco facts, great taco pictures and all fitting into oct unprocessed.. awesome!

Just another Day on the Farm

So yesterday was national taco day, something that was all over the net but its also October unprocessed, no problem, I made a corn-flour yeast based dough and made flat breads for the shells.  I rolled them thin and cooked them in a cast  iron
I cooked up onion garlic mushooms and fresh tomatos to which I added canned burger (our beef) and taco spices, some greens an salsa an it was a awesome dinner all the way round.
For some taco history, I have linked to a site below and copied a part of it for you to read!
Some Taco History
For a dish so widely available, the history of the taco is really unknown. But according to taco expert Jeffrey M. Pilcher, the word originates from the silver mines in Mexico in the 18th century, when taco referred to the little explosives workers used to extract the ore.

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2 Responses to Homemade Taco’s

  1. Silver says:

    I really like tacos, Husband isn’t overly keen unfortunately, but may make it one of these days ^_^

    • The nice thing is that you can chance it up a good amount if its certain textures or flavours you do not like. I have made a number of different kind over the years, I like seafood taco’s but hubby does not … he like regular meat ones.

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