Rabbit Barley Stew Recipe

As I have shared in a past post, I tend to cook off the neck, back and rib cages in a pot of water with a bit of vinager added to help draw out the best in the bone broth, and when the meat is fall of the bone tender, I take it out, pull the meat off the bones, toss the bones back in and simmer again for a bit on the bone broth, then strain and use it for any white meat dish. The amount of meat from these parts from one water is enough to make you one good size (ten full size portions in stew, more like 16 or so in soup) per rabbit.

I combined the pulled meat from one rabbit with the 20 cups of rabbit bone stock in this dish, you can use chicken broth if needed to make this, but clearly rabbit bone stock is going to help keep that light rabbit flavour much better in the dish.

Rabbit Barley Stew Recipe.

  • 20 cups of Stock (ideally rabbit bone stock)
  • The pulled and diced or ripped meat from the neck, ribs and boned out back or about a cup to a cup and half of rabbit meat, (could also be made from the two back legs worth of meat)
  • 1 cup of pearl barley (if you want it soupish) if you want a heavy stew, add a extra half cup, just remember that it will continue to swell afterwards and you will need to add more water when reheating the dish itself.
  • 4 cups of mixed diced veggies – your choice but carrots, celergy, pea’s, turnip, cabbage
  • Ideally one cup of leftover cooked mashed sweet root veggies or squash, it can be sweet potoato or yam, or turnip or any of the sqaushes.. (this is the extra that melts in the stew that really adds to it but is not clearly visable)
  • Salt, pepper, turmerac, garlic powder (or add some diced garlic to the dish), Rabbit is a easily overpowered meat/flavour, so go light on the spice to allow it to come though.

So take your pot of simmering bone stock and add your barley and let is simmer for a good while till just done, check your package for how long as it will depend on the size of the barley you used, then add in cooked diced meat, your veggies and simmer for 20 to 40 min as required for the veggies you used, then add in the cooked sweet mashed veggie and stir it in and allow it to melt into the broth and add a bit of thickness to it. Simmer for another five or ten min and then serve piping hot.

It is a meal in and of itself but if you must add to it, then buns or baking powder would work well, or start with a salad.. This is not a like soup, this is a meal in a bowl..


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