Reader Questions- Rabbit Info.

Can I ask about the bit that comes before eating them though? What kind of hutches do you have for them and what do you feed them (pellets/mixed feed/hay/fresh cut greens/kitchen scraps?). Do you have any experience with Morant hutches (moveable runs on grass, with sleeping/nesting quarters)?

We have three kinds of hutches, one is a big homemade one that was the first DH made, its coming on eight years now and has needed the bottom rewired once to date, its a double hutch that is about the length of what would typically hold eight rabbits, so it works really well for a mom with kits, or as a two or three same sex grow out cages.

The second hutches we made are move like my Grandfathers, you take a sheet of plywood and cut it in half, so the base is  4 by 4 and they have a foot at the back as the shelter with 3 feet, the top is solid for protection and the rest is wired, for some reason the bottoms on these have needed more rewiring, having been done twice now.. Again these could easily be split in two and still give lots of room for a single rabbit but again then work wonderful for does and litters as there is lots of room.

Last but not least I was able to pick up proper hanging wire indoor hutches, they are rarely used, mainly as a sick pen that can be easily cleaned down and scrubbed and or as grow out pens if I need the romove, or if a chicken or a chick or duckling needs a recoop place etc. So they are worth having around but I like to give my rabbits more room.

At one time I did try to do the loose floor breeding trio’s with lots of bedding, and box’s and they produced little ones like there was no tomorrow but they had more losses of kits, and slower weight gains then the hutched one’s did and while I can’t say that the female ever looked bad, I felt that they were overbreeding, typically I like to breed no more then six litters per doe and sometimes depending on the size of the litter more like four (I only need so many young rabbits) and they were breeding back to back to back..

As for the outside on the ground hutches, we have tried it a few different ways and its so much more work then I want, I perfer to just take a five gallon bucket with me while I weed or gather wild greens and take them to the hutches and the rabbits from spring to late fall, then deal with hauling the hutches around the yard, but I am in a fairly heavy wild preditors area so that plays a parts as well.

We feed a balanced pelleted rabbit food, a small amount of hay or hay  cubes in the winter, in the very hard cold, I like to put a little bit of sunflower seeds on top the mix for added fats, and the rest of the year, they get their rabbit food along with fresh greens. The kitchen scrapes go to either the chickens or the pig, but a certian limited amount could do to the rabbits, just remember to start small and work their way up to different feeds, as they tend to have more issues with new foods then other critters can.

Hope that helps answer your questions! Let me know if you have any more 🙂


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3 Responses to Reader Questions- Rabbit Info.

  1. Inwick says:

    Thanks so much for describing your set-up for me. Yes I wondered too about hauling hutches around the garden Vs. cut/weed and carry. Good to hear your experience of both.

    Just to be sure about the hutches though, you mentioned rewiring the hutch bottoms – so they have wire mesh floors like commercial hanging cages and you just collect & compost what falls through?

    • your welcome, yes mesh wire floors that the poo and pee goes though, so that you can collect and compost the dropping for garden use.. Every now and again, you will get a small area that can build up in winter, just take a scraper and clean it off top and bottom and it will be go to go again, in winter if they like to poo and then pee in the same potty corner this can happen, rarely if ever happens in summer time.

      O in summer i have water bottles and hanging feeders but in winter I move over to heavy duty plastic pipe end caps so that you can bang the ice out of them and refill a couple time a day.

  2. large hutches for rabbits says:

    Yes I found this helpful to, i love rabbits its always useful knowing more about them!

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