No Buy Feb 2016 – Overview an final update

What can I say, this month has been filled with snow, rain, freezing rain, and the flu and yet another storm is coming down the pipes towards us as we speak-read. Its been a crazy winter month that’s for sure.. we have also have new chicks, new lambs and a few days of mild weather in there.

But none the less, No Buy Feb 2016 just kept trucking on.. something went really well..

  • While I did go out a number of times, my friends all cheated and they picked up the tab, so know I need to own up..  Gifted out meals, one breakfast, three tim’s large coffee’s, I had 9 timbits from a boxes that friends got, and it does not stop there.. my girl friend spent 3 dollars on a valentines day gift for me from church basement, and a teen friend got me, a really nice cap for 3 dollars as a thank you gift to me..
  • I did break my own rules once, while I did eat at the meals provided at the weekend events for breakfast, lunch for both days, I did go for supper with friends, and I paid for my own!
  • We missed our green food box due to bad weather and it went to the local food bank, which put me leaner then I expected..
  • I kept sprouts and micro-green going though-out the month, but I am craving fresh!

the rest of the month went as well as can be, and the savings added up.. between the different amounts, in the grand end of things, we finished the month 712 dollars richer then we would have if we had not done no buy feb.

712 hundred is nothing to sneeze at, its a good amount for sure, and its a good reminder that we should be able to save a bit more each month without it being to big of a hardship.

So how did you do on your no buy month? Did you see a good savings, did you find it hard, did you have a cheat..

Ps, never did make it out to that movie

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