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How do you use Sunchokes?

I have two main styles of sunchokes, these little fingerlings and they have great flavour and they produce a crazy amount of them but they are tiny and scrubbing them is hard enough, there is no peeling them, so I … Continue reading

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Planning a new livestock Fodder Garden

The biggest move over will the comfrey, I have at least 15 plants to dig, split into two or four and replant them. I will be replanting 30 to 40 Comfrey plants into the this new fodder garden.   This … Continue reading

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Yesterday in the bitter cold, we dug up a few plants worth of Sunchokes. Qouted from this site Sunchokes, the vegetable formerly known as “Jerusalem artichokes,” are the tuberous roots of a native North American plant in the sunflower family … Continue reading

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Jerusalem artichokes.. a Early season delight

Spring food is hard to come by, sunchokes aka Jerusalem artichokes can help fill that early spring gap.. Clearly I need to add in new kinds that produce more, this kind that I got in a free plant swap, produce … Continue reading

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A little garden walk about..

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