Jerusalem artichokes.. a Early season delight

Spring food is hard to come by, sunchokes aka Jerusalem artichokes can help fill that early spring gap..


Clearly I need to add in new kinds that produce more, this kind that I got in a free plant swap, produce fingerlings, I will be getting new kinds from aster lane edibles this year, they produce much larger tubers


because they are so small, I just top and tail them, rub off any hairy roots and give them a good scrub before cooking them up


Such a easy side dish, fried, with some seasoning salt, they taste like a cross between a sweet and regular potato to me.. yummy

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4 Responses to Jerusalem artichokes.. a Early season delight

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Beautifully smooth and glossy just like fresh Ginger. Best of all, no need to peel or even scrape, for the most part: ) Thanks for reminding me to go have a look! (Hmm, steamed ‘chokes and dandelion greens, tossed in a little garlic butter with… ; )
    Oh hey, and I recall hearing on CBC (Radio One) years ago that they’re really good for blood sugar balancing too!: )

  2. Sheri says:

    I’m following your lead on this one when it comes to eating these. I’ve asked many local gardeners about raising and eating these and no one seems to have a clue. Several months ago I purchased my first organic tubers ($4.00 lb) and have planted them in 3 huge nursery pots. Their all up and growing. I’ve been warned that they are very invasive and I’m not comfortable turning them lose in my garden soil. The game plan is to grow until die back in the fall then dump the contents out and see what I have. Harvest some, replant the rest and sink the pots in compost for winter. I’m doing the same with my horseradish. They make wonderful potted plants around the patio and “George” my cat likes to nibble on the horseradish leaves.

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