Fall and Garden Burn out..


It happens to all of us.. at some point there is a garden burnout..  Where you look at the last of the things coming in and sigh, groan and go NO MORE!   Of course there is more.. so much more.. there are things drying down and curing across your whole living room hanging on the dryer racks (peanuts) you have not seen your dining room table since spring, first it was place to start seeds, then it was seedlings and then it was harvests.. so many harvests and cooling jars and more..  honestly I have not used my dining room table for anything not garden/food related for over 6 months now..

And what a garden year! I mean its a three crop year.. and it flowed.. so much food!.. food that has been eaten, food that has been processed, food that was gifted to the community.. The bounty of the plants this year, or perhaps that was the bounty that my wonderful bees and food forest gifted.. wow!


On a normal (haha what’s normal) year we would have had our first hard frost by now and I would be yes..  we are still picking ripe tomato’s from the garden.. FROM the GARDEN..  it was 29c yesterday and it is normally 12c..  Today 22c for the love of.. I turned on the AC for a couple hours to cool the bedroom because the bedroom was to hot for me to sleep and the outside air temps were not dropping fast enough and I am at that starting the pre-hot flash age..  

Every dresser in the bedrooms is covered in sqaushs and we still have so many things in the gardens, that last batch of tomato’s peppers to pick, for the love of hubby brought in baby summer squash, but there are beets, turnips, cabbage, celery and so on out there yet.. 


At this point the urge to start turning more into fodder becomes huge.. I mean it not wasted its cuts the feeding costs on the livestock and that is a very good thing with the cost of feed right now.. 

I need to turn my eyes towards fall butchering, the duck flock is the big one that needs to be butchered out and into the freezer and jars it goes.. plus dog food and blood meal for the compost and gardens.. 


The colors are telling me, good job.. and time to slow down.. sometimes we need to take those moments and really enjoy them.. like bush time..  (yes the boys are wearing hunters orange for safety, so were we) what a mushroom picking season its been, between the rains and these warm temps the local woods, fields and so on are putting on multiple flushes of fruiting bodies.


But I know that there is still a long road ahead before true winter arrives and there is work to be done! Tell me I am not the only one LOL.. What do you have left in your gardens? Are you done garden canning this year? Are you looking at the changing leaves and getting out the hunter orange? Got Tags? 


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4 Responses to Fall and Garden Burn out..

  1. bluestempond says:

    So true, and so exhausting, and such a warm feeling of accomplishment!

  2. valbjerke says:

    Ugh. I’m feeding the last of my broccoli and kale to the chickens…we can’t eat all I’ve processed even if we try. It makes a difference in the color if the eggs for sure. Have to turn my attention to the 16 sockeye I have waiting for me in my freezer – did not have time to deal with them fresh, buy it makes little difference when you’re just putting them in jars.
    I have a moose tag…I don’t actively hunt any longer, but if we happen to be up the hill getting firewood and come across a moose, that’s worth it. I try not to schedule much wood getting during hunting season – it’s like a freeway up there. A couple weeks ago we found ourselves having to move off the road a dozen times to let hunters by…discovered we were harvesting wood right on top of a moose kill from that morning. I was happy to see they took all they should have, but disappointed that they just tossed it off the edge of the road. Bear bait. Not impressed to have to look out for bear, although I have a bear tag as well. That was our last trip for wood I think.
    Envy you your squash. I’ve no luck in zone three with growing those.

    • I hear ya, there is only so much we can do, whoa on the moose hunting/bear for the wood part of the reply.. you stay safe out there.. I have to admit that I like eating bear, it has to be treated different but there are good eating there..

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