Clove Current.. Garden 2015

Called clove currant, this is not a black currant except in color. It ripens much later, is bigger and sweeter without the black currant muskiness. The yellow flowers in spring are spicy sweet and the bush is large (5′-6′) and open and has lovely fall color.  The Crandall selection was from a wild stand of ribes odoratum found by a farmer west of Newton, KS in 1888.  He developed the strain, which had extra sweetness and larger berry size

.clove current bush fruit

I am thrilled to be adding in six clove current bushes to the farm this week, it was a gift from a fellow gardener, and I am very grateful Thank you again for such a wonderful gift!

I will be giving them max spacing in their row as I would ideally like them to produce very well indeed. I understand that they can be tipped to make more, are natural spreaders and also can come true by seed, very hardy to our area.

I am greatly looking forward to seeing what they will do as they settle in and start producing.. I love the idea of a current the size of a large gooseberry or grape..

This is the first time I have ever had these, do you have clove currents at your farm or yard, what is your favorite recipe, can they be canned and eaten whole, do you make a current pie or fool with them.


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