Ethan Project.. Friendship

So there is a big blogger challenge going on, its called the Ethan Project, its pretty much created for moms with little ones. and its about Enjoying the Here an Now.

Just Plain Marie modified it so that those of us without children can be active in it as well..

Your challenge this week (June 5-10, 2015) – Make a new friend or reconnect with an old friend.

It is far to say that I did very well on this weeks challenge, I had a old friend that while I see her on facebook and we do a fun thing once a week online, I do not get to see nearly often enough in person who came out with her hubby and little Miss N to the farm.  Cats were feed hay, and horse back rides were given, birds were petted and so forth.


It was a lovely visit and a reminder that we do not see each other often enough in person, that hugs matter!

But that was not the only one.. on Tuesday,  my best and closest local friend popped in and said. you have two min get changed, we are loading up your horse, and you can coming to meet new folks and go riding..

So I meet three new people, it was lovely to do so, and six of us headed out for a nice horse ride..

After everyone else went home, I added in another layer.. a lovely lady I had meet a couple weeks earlier showed up to pick up her son and instead we ended up around the table, chatting and laughing till the teens gave us the looks, I love when we can get to the point that they are like..  (have they been drinking) which just made us laugh harder..

It was just a combo of great ride, dog tired and women that know how to have a good time..

Challenge meet in all ways..  good times where had!


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1 Response to Ethan Project.. Friendship

  1. I wonder if WordPress will let me comment. It usually won’t.

    Sounds like you had a great time and I’m so glad. You’re going to like today’s Challenge!

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