Rasberry Row.. 2015

we have raspberry, first year one the farm, someone gave me a red fruiting bunch of baby, they produce small, tart berries very late in the fall till freeze up..

Last year we were part of a bulk plant buy and I got 75 early bearing raspberry cane, they made us babies and now the row is 100 canes, 50 per row, double row, they produced huge sweet berries last year and are in bloom already, we should start picking late june.

This year we bought 125 med-season canes for our next row, they are in now, and a space as been left for next years order of a fall baring large, sweet berry, I am sad to say that intend to cut an clear the original free patch out.. they have done a good job but its time to move to a known berry, plus I want the area with the berries in my main garden for annuals.


The new rows are over as part a soft fruit garden on the food forest side of the yard.. yes it needs a cleanup around it but when things come bare root, getting them in the ground is the now part..

ps, hubby has me on the hunt for his blueberry row he wants, so I say to him, hands on my hips.. do you know how long it will take to pick everthing and without blinking, I hope a long time otherwise they are not reaching their production as we hoped.. snort.. ok then

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