First Garden Harvest for 2015-April-May 462 pounds

In many area of the garden we are taking out our first succession plantings of early greens, turnips, radish, mustards, beets, green onions and so forth, we are harvesting enough that I am putting away for winter out of these harvests as well as fresh eating, and we are now putting in peppers, tomato and so forth for our hot summer crops but we are also intercropping between then, while they are all starts and between four to six plus inches high, we are interplanting out with greens, and root crops, the areas where planned so that we can weed, water from the outside, planting into what will become the walkways in late harvest season but are now root beds! If there is one thing that I have learned to love, is that you can get two, three and sometimes even four crops out the same garden space if you work it right!

As its a tracking year, so far to date, we have removed 462 pounds worth of spring harvest from the gardens for April-May. I am averaging for the critter feeds, I weight out a single load, as 25 pounds, and so I believe that we have used a total of 800 pounds to the critters in May, with a reduced 360 in April, for a total of critter feed at 1160

June is going to be a slow down month to a degree.. we will be harvesting currents, herbs, early roots, greens, peas and a few tomato*s otherwise the poundage will all be in the critter area, and the garden will be focused strongly on growing.. I know this and I am ok with it..

Working my way up to my first ton of people and critter food..  lots to go to meet goals this year that for sure..



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2 Responses to First Garden Harvest for 2015-April-May 462 pounds

  1. Lake Lili says:

    Had to laugh! Congrats on your harvest to date. Our April-May harvest was a big fat zero – we still had 15-feet of snow on the ground on May 1st and as of today it is still melting away in the upper elevations. On the positive side… June harvest amounts to 1-1/2 lbs of rhubarb so far.

    • Hi Lake Lili, I hope that was a good laugh 🙂

      I will admit that it has taken me a good while to figure out how to have regular spring cropping, its all about the kind of plants and learning to adjust your palate on what you like to eat.. but its great to see those numbers go up and up..

      Glad you getting that rhubarb now and that the ground is finally melted out, have a great time getting the garden in and may the wild edibles fill your tummy for those first lean weeks in the garden..

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