Quail.. a lovely set of six young ones..

With the loss of so many of my good laying hens to a really bad Fisher attack, he killed for sport, not for food.. I was suddenly down by half on eggs, now I know lots of folks would have gone out and paid though the nose to get older chickens but given, I am currently raising almost 40 chicks, most laying hens, a few meat birds, it makes no sense to lay out for hens at the most costly time of the year for them.. a hen locally can start at 25 right now.


I just needed a stop gap for fresh eating eggs, for baking and so forth..  Quail to the rescue.. they are just young but will be laying hard for months to come and while they are small eggs, they work great for me, Hubby can have the bigger eggs and I will have the smaller. I know I have three females for sure, one mostly likely female and two.. huh.. anyone can guess at this time..


Plus they are funny, sweet and so cute! these guys are very well bred and handled by children and are so tame.

I modified a rabbit hutch for them, give them a outside area and a protected inside area, and a total of 16 square feet plus I added in branches to make it two levels in over half of it..

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3 Responses to Quail.. a lovely set of six young ones..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Don’t know much about quail, FG (but they always make me smile, when I see them: )
    Some of these little ones appear to be a cross… Are there many breeds?

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Only looked at a few… Have fun; )

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