Juno is Home!


My new Nanna to be.. once she grows up a some, she has been running with a buck so it is possible she is expecting, we will see if she comes into heat in the fall or not, I will be feeding her for growth as a young doe, and that is the same as I would be feeding her for if she was expecting so its covered either way.

She will take two to three years to get to her true full size, but I am hopeful she will get close to her mothers size but we will see as her father was a bit smaller.. Very grateful she came trained to a collar and lead, makes things so much simpler that’s for sure

Juno traveled home in her bedded down X large dog crate, she was weaned last week and is a nice big solid 55 pound Miss..  she settled quickly and made sure to be turned to us so she could watch us and make eye contact.

Hubby carries her down and we put into dry lot, she said hi, and then jumped out when we were not looking, she is grazing in the pasture with the small flock and lambs, the big sweet ewe is tuning her in, so she is learning she is not top ranking.

The sweet sheep in the pasture are both cookie monsters and come running when called, it will be short work to get Juno trained to the same, she is already interested and people friendly but respectful..

We have the top and bottom hot line, we will see if we will need a middle hot line with Juno here on the farm, its possible we will.. if so, then that will happen soon, but she is trained to the hot line at her old place and we do have both the hot line and the sheep fencing, but I do not want her to learn to step up on the sheep fencing, so hopefully she will get a good Zap and learn to stay away from it..

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3 Responses to Juno is Home!

  1. Kathleen says:

    Very pretty. What breed is she? We brought home our new Kiko buckling and doeling in a dog cage also.

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