Know your land -Asparagus Planting..

As you know I was lead on a community plant group buy of different plants, just one more folks to get their plants and everyone will have had their plants delivered at this point and we are getting busy putting our own plants into the ground..The Nation-20150602-00211

Sometimes you need to know your land.. you see I need to put hundreds of Asparagus 2 year crowns into the ground and if I had tried to put them into the main garden, the grass and bits of other plants would have been a never ending battle or I would have had to spend hours and hours double digging out that bed..

But as it happens just across from the main garden is a wild area that is just allowed to do its thing and there is a plant that controls that space in a way that is impressive, it takes over and nothing else grows there.. its a ground cleaner..

It has quite big roots, if cut off and allowed to stay in the ground, they harden and take years to compost, but pulled out, the pigs like them for fresh eating, and you can have clean land ready in matter of cut, pull, add compost and GO!

This is just what we did, we cut out a new section right in their thickess part but in a good spot and cleared the land in a matter of two hours, and voila, something that could have taken ten plus hours to clean, double dig and prepare was instead done in two hours.

The Nation-20150602-00216

This bed has hundred plus new two year old crowns of only male asparagus planted into it..  looked after it will produce for 25-30 years..  Yes, they got covered up, hubby was taking photos for me and he was just showing one in the ground.

We should get a average of 50 pounds per year once in full production, that will give us a good amount of fresh eating but it also means that we should finally have enough to put some away for the winter use as well., if after five years or so we want more, we will expand at that time.

The Nation-20150602-00212

We mixed dirt and well turned barn compost from the pigs to cover it, we will build up the cover with time and I am planning on laying down cardboard on the walkways edges with a top dressing of straw..


We have hit the big time folks, we are expanding the garden to the other side of the ditch.. o my..



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7 Responses to Know your land -Asparagus Planting..

  1. Sheri says:

    My asparagus is going on 5 years old now. If I had known how tall this stuff was gonna grow I would have planted it along my west side fence and used it as a privacy screen from my neighbors house. People have looked at it thinking I was growing bamboo! Also the fence would have been a good support for it from the winds. I have one female and I let it go to seed each year then clean-up in the spring and put it all in the compost. It comes up in my compost now but I’m okay with that because I’ll share with neighbors. Note: You can never have to much asparagus!

  2. Cate says:

    What is the plant called that ….. “a plant that controls that space in a way that is impressive, it takes over and nothing else grows there.. its a ground cleaner..”
    Glad to hear your asparagus are all planted … now to be patient for the first harvest 🙂

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    So you cleared out a thicket of Golden Rod, did you?; )

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