Stepping out of my comfort zone-Sort of

If you have ever meet me in person, I can talk a mile a minute and on more subjects then you can shake a stick at. I do not mind small groups but I have been asked over the past years to do public speaking, and had kept turning it down..

But when a friend asked me if I would join in a combo plant event, multi speaker day and talk about food preservation, I said yes.. and I am so glad I did.. I would maybe have a tiny cheat sheet next time, but other then missing my key start planned speech out of nerves, it went good, lots of question an answers

I have been asked to do a few more talks both this year which is good because I have been asked to speak at a large event next year, it should be interesting. I will consider this reaching a goal of mine for the year, which was stepping out of my comfort zone more and second my goal to be more active both off and on the farm in my local food movement.


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4 Responses to Stepping out of my comfort zone-Sort of

  1. Cate says:

    Hi FarmGal – you are an awesome speaker and have so much knowledge and wisdom to share.
    You did awesome on Sat – you didn’t look nervous at all!
    I’m looking forward to hearing you speak again and I will take more notes as you share your wisdom. Thank you for going outside of your comfort zone 🙂

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Hurray!! So glad to hear it went well!: )
    (See, I told ya you’d be fine; )

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