Corn Cob Cat Litter

So first off, this review did not gain me anything, I just really like the product.. as you can imagine with the purr pride that is as big as mine that I have three litter boxes in the house between two floors. The purrpots use them when in the house, a lot less in the warmer months then the winter but still as all the cats are called in if they are willing to do so for the night for safety and let back out the next morning if they so choose.

I have never liked the clumping clay litter (which to be fair the cat do) and I have tried the pine based litters (which the cats did not like) so I only switched one box over to this brand at first to try it, I needed to know that it worked, that the cats would use it and so forth.

Now all my box’s are switched over.. the bag seems like its not good bang for the buck considering its smaller size but this product when used correctly, fluffy’s and just keeps on giving!

The reason’s why this cat litter is getting its own post is because it rocks!

a) its made of corn cobs, which makes it a green product that is using a renewable resource.. total score on that one!

b) there is no odd smell or dust or extra chemical’s in the litter from what I can see or smell.

c) its compostable.. I clean it out daily and I scoop all the poo’s from the box but when its time to dump it fully and clean out the box.. I have proven that the urine soaked corn cob left composts like a dream, it can be mixed with layers and given a handful or two of active compost to get it started well and turned it once a week.. it breaks down like a dream! I might not use it in my garden for annual’s but I have no issue at all using the compost around tree’s, bushes and so forth.   I would never even consider doing this with clay

d) Its so light to carry, this is true in its base form, anyone with bad back or weaker will love how light this bag is to carry, I love the fact that I can pick up the box to a waist height and clean it.. its awesome.. also the weight of it that goes out when cleaned is much less then with the clay and therefor it does not load up your garbage bag in the same way.

now I am not sure if its priced the same around the country, for that matter I don’t know how available it is either BUT its 8 dollars a bag, which if you didn’t know that it will double or even triple in size as its used would seem a bit on the touch higher size compared to the clay based.. until you use it..

So there you go.. I truly hope that I will be able to keep getting and using this product locally, if so I will be buying it. it is saving me money, its green based, its compostable (with the poo’s removed) and it reduces the smell and the cats love using it!

It just does not get better then that for me! Have you found a local kind of litter that you just love? Had you found a corn based one years ago and went.. well ya! LOL

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8 Responses to Corn Cob Cat Litter

  1. Widdershins says:

    If the beasties don’t like it, it doesn’t matter how wonderful us humans think it is! 😀

  2. J > That product (different brand name) was available in our local island supermarket for a short while, but the price was too high. Another problem was that it was too light – it gets scattered (that’s true of other ‘light-weight’ litter tray products). We’re sticking with the traditional product made from clay. D > OMG, are we going to be discussing toilet paper next? ;~)

    • Lol.. it could happen, you never know with me.. 🙂

      Interesting that you are having that issue, I made my litter box’s out of big huge tote’s and the cats jump up and go down the hole in the top and then jump back out because otherwise its very hard to keep the hounds out of them.. so I have not found tracking to a issue but that could be because of the way the box is set up.

      thanks so much for the feedback on it.. always good to have other thoughts on the same thing.

  3. Been using World’s Best (corn) for years but, again because of the tracking problem, also mix it half ‘n half with clay from GT and add a touch of baking soda as well… Works like a charm: )

  4. Brenda Deverill says:

    I have 3 rescues who are now using cob litter. I love it, smells good, clean with no dust, my cats have no problem with it. One litter pan I poured a small amount of cob over the clay at first just to see if they would use it, no problem. I have literally used less and the best thing invented. The cost seems more but I am not so sure in the end as I am not dumping clay litter every 2-3 days and starting over again with a very dirty mess. The best thing was no more dust everywhere, no tracking clumps of litter that was used and one of my cat’s had a bad sneezing problem and has been so much better I cannot believe it. It was the dust I am sure of. P.S. I live in Canada and everything always cost more here anyway.

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