The bin is here! Spring Cleanup

Well, this is not the first, nor will it be the last bin I have ordered for the farm, when we got to the farm, it would be very far to say that there was a lot of things that had been left to just sit, to go, that was broken, half rotted and more. Piles of things just thrown in this or that spot.

We rented a bin once a year for the first three years and what a difference to the farm to get those things cleaned up and off. Then we hit a sweet spot that we only needed the smallest bin once every three years to just keep the farm tidied up.

We did a med-sized bin two years ago with the Reno’s we did then and over the past two years our “collection” spot has grown and grown and GROWN. With the spring reno’s, and the upstairs’ bedroom reno’s plus the fact that we are taking down the old red shed (we will be rebuilding over the cement floor in the future) speaking of cement, we found a huge fully done cement pad about a foot a half under soil, its massive and I am not sure what was there, we did test holes to try to figure out size and its up there.. I am not sure what to do with that info but it was one more.. huh.. didn’t know we had that.

So we have the bin for three days, first we will clean the collection spot, and then we will see how much space we have and we will just keep going until its full.  I expect that by the time we are done all the work we have planned for the year, that we will need another one by late fall to do a second clean up. We will see.

I do have the legal right to burn a lot of it, and I am taking some teasing locally for not doing a big burn which would be so much cheaper (and it would be) but I just can’t stand the idea of having all that chemicals floating out over my land that I grow mine and my animal’s food on.  I would rather pay and have it processed properly and burned or recycled or buried depending on what it is as the company I am using does sort it which is great.

Well, how do you deal with the regular and standard buildup that happens on a farm, do you have your own area (if you are very far from town) do you still burn? Do you load up and take things to the local dump by the loads? or Do you at times also rent a bin and do a big cleanup?

If you started with a older farm, did you find you had to do a lot of a clean up?

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4 Responses to The bin is here! Spring Cleanup

  1. We have rented these bins before and they work well. We still have a lot to clean up, three years later, from the previous owners. Right now the piles are contained but maybe next year we will rent another bin to clean out the barn.
    Good luck with the clean up.

  2. J & D > Our croft had been neglected for decades – probably since the 1930s, but even more so since the 1980s. Derelict buildings full of junk, Fencing fallen down so long ago that the grass has grown through and over it (making any kind of digging in that area an impossibility until the wire is uncovered and removed), wind-blown refuse everywhere – also nearly buried in grass, asbestos slates, drainage ditches choked with silt and rushes, the fields infested with rushes, thistles and numerous noxious weeds … Yes, we need bins (‘skips’ we call them here) for the big and hard stuff, but so much of the clear up is just back-breaking physical work. We can’t guess when eventually it’ll all be gone, and the place as it should be.

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