Nail’s and Feet.. They do not go together well at all Sigh!

Now normally when it comes to finding nails and stepping on them, it’s a farmgal thing, I have stepped on five nails in my life so far and knowing me, I will add to the number over the next 40 years I hope to be alive

I started young, stepping on three of them before I was 18, my mom is a soaking gal, she would do milk and bread poultice when I was very little, I am not saying that I am recommending it, just that it was what was used and that it seemed to get the job done.

As I hit my teens and really nailed my foot as I jumped off a shed roof and landed on nail as I came down, it was soaked and treated with Dettol  Which is something I still keep in the house, it can not be safely used with some of the critters but when it comes to people and infections, I happen to really like it for some things.

So it was a surprise when it was DH that called to me that he had stepped onto a nail that had gone right though his manure carrying boot and though the sock and into his foot.. it was bleeding, and it was allowed to do so, flushed out, treated with Iodine, given a band-aid, wrapped to keep it in place and then sock covered.

Now I have to admit that I might have just left it at that (DH points out that if it was me, I would have treated it at home, he thinks its funny that I asked him go to the hospital when he knows that I would not have felt the same way about it if it was me) but hubby was outdated on his tetanus vaccine, I had my booster three years ago but he says he can’t even remember when he got his last one, and I took a good look at the nail, rusty, coming from a garbage pile and though a boot which was farm muck covered and thought.. hmmm.. NOPE

So we headed off to Emerg, (we live in a hospital dessert zone, there are lots of them and all of them are at least 45 min away.. five in different directions and all of them around the same time to get to..) we picked the country one in the hopes that it would be a quiet night and we were right, in, seen and out in 19 min! Took us twice as long to drive one way as it did to get seen.

They let me come in and after asking the basic’s from DH, the doctor asked me what I had done, I listed it all off, and he said, you are a nurse? yes? I smiled and answer, sorry no.. just a keen interest, a good med kit and vet tec course’s and looking after my mom from both a hip and knee replacement.  He said I had done a great job, asked me to tell him what I was looking for over the next days and what I had planned for treatment, nodded and said you want the nurse to do a new bandage job but honestly, your wife has got this  Thanks Doc!:)

So other then the vaccine (which in truth will not kick in before the issues could, so I will be providing herbal and EO support to work to prevent possible issues) given, we were on our way.  I had to chuckle, hubby says that the last time he had been in a hospital 15, which means he had not seen one as a patent for 30 years..  I can only hope that he will continue to be as health, they did a little check and he was well within normal in all ways 🙂

I did smile when the doctor said Polysporn, I nodded but it will not surprise you that he is getting freshly made tailored homemade green salve instead.. Its not quite the one in the post, its been tweeked for puncture wound care.. with a touch of increased jewelweed for inflammation and no comfrey for open wound etc.

The photo is from this morning before soaking and after a night’s rest, its sealed up quite a bit since yesterday, and its got some redness to it that the soak done right after this photo really helped take out.

This morning, I had a nice small amount of good looking discharge, very pleased with this, as yesterday with him moving on it after I did it the first time, the discharge was much larger and went though the band-aid and into the wrap. We will see how it does today when he starting doing some limited weight bearing on it.

Nope, feet and nails do not go together well at all.


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11 Responses to Nail’s and Feet.. They do not go together well at all Sigh!

  1. Looking pretty good now, judging from that bandaid; but (just in case; ) there’s always the old “soak it in a heavy saline solution” too, hey? Get well soon DH!

  2. Widdershins says:

    I felt how much that hurt right through the interwebz. Having stepped on a few nails in my life, I’m very glad he’s doing OK. 🙂

  3. valbjerke says:

    As a kid on the farm, knocking apart farrowing crates, I jumped down off the pile and landed on a spike. Came straight through the top of my boot. Did the big soak thing……mom took me to doctor next day as I couldn’t walk. Doctor took one look and sent me straight to the hospital. It was ten days before I was allowed home – nasty case of blood poisoning.
    To this day – any work done on my farm – I wear my steel toe/steel plate sole work boots no matter how much I’d rather just throw in something else. Good you’re keeping a careful eye on hubby. 😊

    • Ouch, I have never hit one hard enough that it went all the way though. Mom had one that went though and showed under the skin at the top but dang.. Yup, to many folks don’t take what can happen when you step on a farm nail with enough care.. so glad you got the help you needed.

      This morning, I am very pleased, the hole is looking very good, the redness is down and while we will keep up our soaks an treatments, I will see how it goes at work today, he has to wear tighter footwear and do more walking on it.

      He was in boots but not steel toed. those things have saved my feet a number of times over the years.

  4. D > Ouch!! Get well soon! There’s no PPE (as it is referred to here – ie the safety gear) which will protect from all risks, but safety boots are a must! J has two pairs of boots : safety (with steel toecap and stiffened midsole), and ordinary. The ordinary is really just for where the only risk is water or mud (which is in fact most of the time) ; the safety is for anything involving building materials, shifting anything heavy, and such like.

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