Monday this an that..

Well it was a big project and between hubbies nail in the foot (which looks very good today) and me helping do a lift of a cracked sheet of chip board in a two person move at shoulder height slamming my left elbow into a rolled metal edge, which hurt when I did It but has turned into a big old bruise an my arm in a sling for a day or two..

Gratefully its my non-dominant arm an hand, and the hand works just fine an dandy but the elbow itself says, no weight bearing unless you want shooting pain.. ok then.. rest and stretches it is then.

Two new litters of buns have arrived on the farm, My old big girl had 13 kits in a mix of white an black and Choc-O-La had her first litter, she had eight, a mix of solids and broken patterned kits, all seem to have full bellies an so I will do my daily checks an otherwise let them be..

so we have two older litters that are at weaning age, I plan to do most of them as young fryer size, the batteries have been replaced on all my scales, so I have detailed weights again, rather then the non-digital scale.

Speaking of babies, there are cute little fledgings all over the farm, I wish them the best of luck, snapped a photo of this tike in the spruce tree, its mom was up higher and they were talking up a storm.

The big back garden is full of life, corn, carrots, cabbage, turnips, beets an potatoes are all up and growing, strawberries are in bloom an forming, the cherry trees are looking good, the gooseberry an currents are loaded, the cherry tomato plants are in bloom already, an my pepper plants were doing good

until a certain goatling jumped into the horse trough, stepped on an nibbled on some.

Today is monday which is my bread making, baking day, my pull meat day and prep to get caught up day.. it will get done but at a slower pace then normal I think..

Pie says as long as we get our fresh greens on time.. all is good with the world.. I expect Pie is pretty much full grown, she is about a third smaller then pudding.

you all have a grand day!


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3 Responses to Monday this an that..

  1. Widdershins says:

    All full of Spring life. 🙂

  2. On the smashed elbow: Ouch!! Been there): Got HYPERICUM??
    On Fledgling: Umm, sort of looks like a Robin, but totally wrong colours. What is he?
    Pie: )
    Goatling ):

    • On day three its so much better, I am so glad, I finally slept and didn’t need the sling today.. o ya! Eurpean starling for the fledgling.. Pie is a sweetheart but she is not near as brave as puddin is. And Jayda.. she was coming with juno and jack at the trot and then she took a detour, the cute but little brat.. she is a hoot.

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