Just a bit of Garden overview

I have been playing it careful this year, its been a odd spring and my hunch was that we would have late frosts and a longer fall, I have the row covers and more to make that end season longer on some things if needed but overall, I went with a number of quite short season seeds..

So I am well aware that compared to someone that went out and bought starts, my garden is just starting in some ways but given that my last hard frost was less then a week ago, it was the right thing to do for sure..

I also outsourced my tomatos and peppers this year, a fellow garden friend in the area is working on plants this spring and I am all about sharing, (plus she had the most amazing heritage plants so many of them) so I have ordered a whole host of new to me kinds and will grow out and see if I like them and if I adore them, I will save seeds

My early planted crops are rocking, my current seeded out are all up and going well, but we will be planting lots more in the next two to three weeks.

DSCN6461thanks to a friend and some bartering, we were able to come home with precut posts, she was clearing a bit of smaller woods, and I needed garden posts! Win, Win.. This is just a sample of them.. We also have been able to get a number of wood pallets for a different project.


they will have used older sheep fencing nailed on to them for a total growing height of 4 and half feet


Some of my early planted greens, beets, turnips, and strawberries in the background.. I am slowly weeding out the middle of the pigweed as we eat it.


My first rows of planted suger peas are over two and half feet tall at the moment, with my smallest peas being four to six inches tall, all the peas for the year are planted now, grow babies grow


Hay bale garden, this year we are growing climbing beans over them.. the Beans are up.. there are two sets of beans in each hole, two holes on each side and one on the top of the bale, ideally it will cover the bale in green.






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3 Responses to Just a bit of Garden overview

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Lookin’ good FG!
    So, do you use the Pigweed/Amaranth strictly as early greens, or let some go to harvest for seed? This is the kind that always grew at the Farm; is it the one you have as we? http://pfaf.org/user/Plant.aspx?LatinName=Amaranthus+retroflexus
    Or is it one of these? (Holy!! What an incredible variety of species: ) http://pfaf.org/user/DatabaseSearhResult.aspx

  2. Bill says:

    Nice. I’m envious of your sugar snaps. Mine were a fail again this year and I’m ready to give up. Our go-to English pea is the Alaska variety and it’s up and looking good. But a lot of work to pick and shell.

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