Bird Gifted Native Fruit Bushes or Trees Frugal Ways

Over the years I have been Bird Gifted a host of different native/local fruit producing canes, bushes or trees. My favorite among them all is my hawthorn cluster. I mean look at those blooms, and then all fruit that follows. IMG_9436

Some of the other ones that have been bird gifts is my nanny berry bushes, we often check the power lines in ditches for Black Choke Berry Babies or Elderberry or other fruit bushes, with ditched tending in our country being cut, not sprayed we can often rescue wee babies and bring them back before they get cut down.

However a friend posted this page from a book on one of my very close garden groups for me, as she knows I am buying for the new acre size park garden and lets be fair, while I am a buying bulk though the county, the cost of the fruit trees/bushes and so on is spendy! and there is so much room to be be filled in yet.


Well, this is just so smart for anyone who has a larger land and they are looking to boost their local native fruit producing trees or bushes or cane fruits.

I am waiting to hear back from my friend on what book and auther this is from and as soon as I know I will come back and give full credit, if you know, please let me know in the comments and I will add credit. Clearly they are a Canadian writer 🙂   Its out of “A garden of birds” by Andre Dion

I love this idea so much, clearly I do not want any invasive’s and will most certainly not be keeping any buckthorns, which we have had bird gifted and I do like the bush itself as do the birds, bees and butterflies but given its considered so invasive I have with regret in many ways removed it from the yard and food forest.

I am going to do a line of this in the more open field area for birds that like that wide open view and then I am going to do one or two smaller two pole/wire seating in the food forests, a few other spots, I am thinking I might go a little more natural, I am going to take a branch off the downed tree with a good study limb with some nice perches on it, and clean it up and then dig the end in and clear the ground around it, it would be a small natural perch and I can see what they come up with in terms of plants.


I know some of my birds like to sit up high, some like to be in brush more, and some like the wide open spots, I also know that these different birds prefer to feed on different things and so while I will of course be surprised overall, I do think that I can encourage certain eating and pooping habits.

Man I tell you, the place across me is for sale, and if the new owners are the least bit homestead inclined and watch for it, they will have so many bird gifted in on the tree hedge rows between the tall trees on their yards edge because so often when the birds finish feeding here, that is where they go to roost, liking those big old maple trees.  This will be the 3rd time the place across from me will have different owners, the first was the one that built it, then the second have been around coming into their 6th year.

I am a little nervous about who will be buying, time will tell.

So what do you think? would you create a bird gifted native or copy’s of your own planted fruit canes, bushes or trees nursery? What is your favorite bird gifted plant or tree in your yard? if you decided to do this, come back and show me some photos, if you blog about it, link back and or comment to me so I can see what you did!.  I am also going to check on all my fence lines in the gardens to see if i have been gifted anything last year that could be coming up this spring.. Keep you posted!

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5 Responses to Bird Gifted Native Fruit Bushes or Trees Frugal Ways

  1. Nicola says:

    Very simple and cool. I bet it works, to a lesser extent, around the cairns of rocks and sticks built for the snakes to hide in. The birds are always picking around them for bugs. They are bound to be pooping whilst they are there!

    • For sure and really when we are looking for new babies in the ditch lines or the edging on things, we are looking for mainly bird gifted, my mom told me a story that grandpa made a new raspberry posts and wire patch and they just let the birds eat and poop on the lines and the next year, voila, a big third row of new raspberry babies done in short order at very little work overall.

  2. Galadriel says:

    We have several elders around the place, but I’m constantly trying to get rid of them! They are a great berry for birds obviously, they spring up everywhere. However, one thing I do love is a honeysuckle the birds brought for me. It lives along my back fence in a private leafy corner, and it smells so wonderful back there in the summer.

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