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Grape Juice made with a steam juicer

I love my Lee Valley Steam Juicer made in Sweden.. it was and is worth every penny..  Its far more then just a juicer.. the bottom pot is used to make soups, syrups, jellies or jams.. the steamer basket is … Continue reading

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Grape Juice (Steam Juicer)

Steam juicer Review: I love it! The first time I saw one of these in action was in Holland when I was visiting at a friend’s place. This was not something I grew up with, I was raised straining fruits … Continue reading

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Keeping it real on the farm- Grapes in the food forest

These are not wild grapes, they are eating and jelly grape vines that were carefully selected for our area but they were allowed to run wild, they were planted into the food forest and they were allowed to climb a … Continue reading

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Grapes, Black Chokeberries, High Bush Cranberries

Just a few of the things that are in fact doing well this summer in the food forest, gardens or soft fruit rows..  How are you grapes doing this year?

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