Local Grass-fed Beef Order

I was thrilled to pick up my quarter beef of local (up the road about ten min) of grass fed beef. I have a lot of chicken, turkey, duck, goat, pork and will have a good amount of lamb.. so I just needed to flesh out the freezer with some beef.

I was thrilled to find a close to me local place that raises their animals so well, I have seen the momma cows, the calves, the pastures.. and it helps support a local farmer that raised Non-gmo Grains!

Got to love folks that are walking the walk.. and not just talking.. As you know, I am trying hard to lean down the farm in animal numbers and winter work.. adding in a bottle calf was not a good choice this summer/fall.. but I was watching my beef supply get lower and lower.

This left me trying to figure things out.. this was the perfect solution!

I have also ordered my bulk grains from them by the ton when they are ready and they will be delivered to the farm and I will put them up for the full winter’s use.. some for sprouting, some for fall winter sowing in the sheep pastures for a spring push for winter wheat for in fill..

This was the first meal I made.. minute steaks with fresh onions, mushrooms, zucchini and peppers.. so good.. that wonderful lean meat with great flavour.. Grass fed meat is so lean.. you do not take out fat.. you add fat in..

There is a learning curve on cooking with such lean meats..

If you are local to Ottawa area and you are looking for amazing grass-fed beef at a really good price point per pound for a quarter/half or whole.  Send me a note and I will provide their contact information for you right away..


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4 Responses to Local Grass-fed Beef Order

  1. J &D > What has it come to, when livestock having been out in the fields is seen as something special!

    • I know what you mean J and D but in my county it is special.. Very sad.. but here.. the calf’s are raised with mom’s then pulled and shoved into feed lot and stuffed with different food stuffs, which in a decent (can you can call it decent in anyway.. a feed lot) which is hay, silage and corn.. so much corn.. they are stuffed for rapid growth and that “marble finish” .. in a poor feedlot, they can be feed all kinds of waste from the food industry, left over bakery items, leftover candy and so much crap it boggles the mind!

      This is why I never buy from the store.. I could be getting Grade a beef from a ranch in western Canada, that had a great range life, but finished in a 2,000 head feedlot before going to butcher, or I could be getting beef from someone who feeds them food waste.. there is no way to know..

      Buy local and buy direct from the farmer when possible..

      Its my understanding that you guys never got to the feedlot stage and be very grateful for that..

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